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Hello lovelies!

I recently posted an ombré aftercare post but I thought, upon discovering a different product that I would write up a short comparison. I have actually changed my hair again now! Having had ombré for a few months, I was kind of over the whole craze, as most people are now. There were too many dodgy do’s about and every time I saw someone else’s bad ombré job it made me fear for my own!

As you can see by the beach theme of the header image for this post, chances are, ombré or not, you’ve been on holiday this summer and are learning how bad chlorine and the sea are for your precious locks. Never fear! Go have a couple inches cut off the ends of your hair and come back to this post! It can be revived!

I am back to brown with some ever so light natural balayage at the ends. I chopped off three inches of hair because, as we all know, peroxide is a terrible thing and you can never revive that type of hair. The ends of my hair now feel so lush and they are all brand new with no damage and no split ends and so I wanted to really treat them in order to maintain their health. (Plus my hair is so thick and full of volume without being weighed down! I love it!)

I have briefly mentioned the Renewing Argan Oil of Morocco, weightless reviving dry oil. It is basically just a thin, watered down oil to spray on towel dried hair before blowdrying or, alternatively, you could spray a very tiny amount onto dry hair to defrizz. It was…okay. It added an extra something to my haircare but it didn’t make all that much of a difference to my hair. I will just clarify that it was probably the peroxide abused condition of my hair that was the problem- beyond saving. Since I have used it on fresh, new hair, it actually stands a chance and helps to smooth it and just make it that little bit shinier.

I recently spotted the Smooth Hydration Argan Oil and Shea Butter, moisture restore weightless oil’  and it has a much thicker consistency. It pumps out into a ball of golden gloop and then you just massage that through your fingers and evenly distribute it to the ends of your hair- or wherever you think it necessary.

I love it. I don’t know if it is just the thicker texture but I feel as though I get a lot more product in a concentrated area when I use this and it does so much good. The ends of my hair are healthier, if not softer than what they were a few weeks ago when I cut it. My hair is growing really quickly now that it doesn’t have dead weight damaged hair but I really think this is helping me protect my hair from ever getting to that dry state again.

This product smells great, feels great and does great things and I much prefer it to the normal spritzer oils so if you’re finding that you have the right type of oil for your hair but not the right consistency then I strongly suggest you switch to more of a thicker solution! It takes a little extra work to rub it through the hair but it is worth it!

I then just continue to blow dry as normal.

I think both products are super cheap as well! They are around the £8 mark!

Let’s face winter with strong hair, in the best condition it can be before the weather dries and frizzes it out even more!

Love, H x


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