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Hello lovelies!

I think I may have missed one publishing day so I apologise for that. I do have posts planned but I do not have the time yet to take and edit the photos for them. Today, enjoy a picture of myself and Mr Tigs- the greatest cat that has ever lived, and a picture of my desk, here in London.

In case you hadn’t guessed, I went home for Easter break to see my family (and my baby Tigs of course). I had a lovely time catching up and relaxing and eating good home-cooked food. I also did some uni work whilst I was there but have since retuned to London in order to remind myself that I am a student and that spending all day every day in the sunshine will not pass my summer exams- the final exams of my second year at university. I hope that you all had a lovely Easter break, also, and that your chocolate takes you well into May.

So, I hope this explains the lack of posting recently. I have been visiting friends, drinking lots of coffee and attempting to do a lot of work. I wondered whether to post about revision tips but decided that no one would really want to read about revision- especially those who are revising.

I will update you when my life does not revolve around coloured pens and post-it notes!

All my love,

Hannah x

P.S. I update my snapchat more regularly than my website. Should you wish to receive updates, I can be found at: happyhannahlou


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