Home Sweet Home & Meeting Ella Eyre


Hello lovelies,

Being home is great and I thought I would give a small chatty update post on what’s been happening. I made the journey back to London on Monday and it was surprisingly a great journey. I was really excited to finally be going back to my house and regaining my typical routine as being in my hometown with no wifi and nothing to do got really boring. I do really miss my cats already though, it was fun to be around the furry friends for so long.

Upon arriving at Euston station, I was met by my boyfriend and it was a happy reunion! We went to the pub to celebrate immediately. One Pimms and two beers later, we headed back to the station to use the tube but on our way inside, I noticed someone with impeccable hair and as I went to comment on it, I realised who it was. Ella Eyre is one of my favourite music artists and has been for a while- you can find my post on the last gig of hers I went to if you search for it. She’s incredible and her music makes me feel like a powerful woman even if I’m really not, so it was exciting to meet her and get a photo, though I didn’t take up too much of her time.

Isn’t it weird how if I hadn’t have gone to the pub, I would have completely missed her?

Anyway, it was a decent journey back home, despite London being hot hot hot at the moment! I got home and lay on my bed taking a breather for a while and then it was all go from there again. I went to dinner with my boyfriend and housemate and then we met my brother too and all went to the pub (again) and drank, then we got free cookies from Dominos for the way home.

The next day, I rearranged my bedroom again, because I suck at relaxing, made it through the mountain of washing I had and then did a quick food shop- a healthy one, I might add.

We decided not to holiday as we had planned to do all summer but have decided that we would rather save our money so that we can go away for each housemate’s 21st birthday so that’ll be cool. It might be nice to take mini breaks throughout the third year of university since we won’t get in much travelling time when we all have full time jobs!

Anyway, I plan on ticking off more things on my London bucket list so there’ll probably be more update posts on cool places to go.

Hope you’re all well and planning a fabulous summer,

Hannah x


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