Hosting Christmas 2016

This year, Adam and I hosted my family Christmas at our house. I thought it would make a wonderful end of the Christmas countdown to show you some pictures of the special day. If you look closely, you might even see the DIY gifts I showed you how to make! Here is us, hosting Christmas 2016.




The Tree 

The tree is my first ever real Christmas tree. I had it kindly delivered (along with a free miniature Christmas tree that’s potted– i.e. I can nurture it for 15 years) by Christmas Trees Delivered ( It smells amazing and is about 7ft tall and nearly as wide! We have a little video of us setting it up with warm fairy lights, gold, copper, black and brown baubles from last year and the beautiful white decorations my parents bought for us. We couldn’t love the theme any more. It makes our house feel so warm and just fills me with love to look at. It is just about wide enough for all of the presents we have for our loved ones. Hosting Christmas 2016 was a big deal and we wanted it to be perfect!


minimalist christmas wrapping diy how to wrap christmas decorations



The Gifts

I can finally say what I bought my loved ones. For my stepdad, I got him a brew your own beer kit, traditional beer mats that he will recognise from his time living and working in a pub and I even made him a bar sign for the bar he made. For my brother, I bought him some swanky whiskey glasses and stone ice cubes. If I drank whiskey, I’d have kept them myself, they’re so cool! For my granddad, I bought him three books by his favourite author so he can start the new year with adventure. For my boyfriend, I bought a computer case to start a project he’s been talking about for years and some ties so he can compete with the guys at the bank and their collections.

For my girls; my mum, my sister and my nan, they had their own gifts– a memo board for college, some handmade teacup candles… I also got them something really special. Rose gold bracelets with an important engraving. With us all so far from each other, I wanted something to link us all, something on our wrist that reminds us to call.






The Food 

My parents and I used my sweet little kitchen harder than it’s ever been used. We cooked up a storm. There were all the best bits, cheese pies for myself and my sister with Quorn pigs in blankets, turkey for everyone non-veggie. We had all the roast vegetables you can think of, yorkshire puddings, stuffing, gravy, chocolate orange trifle, ice cream, the works. We pulled the desk up to the dining table and feasted together. A good day for both food and family. It was wonderful.






Hosting Christmas 2016 was an honour. I can’t wait to do it all over again next year.


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