London Minimalist Apartment Tour

I know this has been a long time coming but I wanted to really settle into our new place before I did this and make sure that everything is how we wanted it. But, here it is, my London minimalist apartment tour.

We moved into our new house on June 2nd and were completely unpacked and moved in by the very same evening. We work quickly and also don’t have that much stuff thanks to a decision we made earlier this year to try and practice minimalism. We moved with eleven small boxes, two office chairs, some flat pack furniture and my elliptical trainer. My parents were really amazing during the moving process and kept me sane even when I was getting stressed.


Moving is always more effort than you think it is. You always have more things than you thought you did and there’s a lot of cleaning and ringing around and registering involved. Moving makes me never want to move again. Fortunately we have signed a contract that means we’re staying in this house until June 2018. We can reevaluate our stances on moving house again then but for now, at least, we’re grateful to be settled.

The house felt like home really early on. I think this, in part, is because the old place never felt like home for us even though we lived there for two years. I referred to it as home because that is where I spent most of my time and my hometown certainly wasn’t home but it was mouldy and smelly and unsafe. None of it felt like mine.


Most of the things in this flat is ours. I guess having your own decor and furniture helps to make the place your own. I think it was always ours from the moment we stepped foot in this flat to view it and fell in love with it. It is closer to central and the places we love and is gated and really secure which makes us feel so much safer than we felt at our old house. Everything is brand new so it’s clean and perfect. There is no trace that this place was ever not ours.


We are up three flights of stairs and are inside number seven. Our lucky little number that has been the centre of everything for three years. The hallway is quite spacious and immediately warm. This flat is the warmest place I’ve lived and I’ve taken to wedging doors open with champagne bottles in an attempt to air the house out but stop the cats escaping. More on that later.


To the left of the hallway is the bathroom. It is grey tiled and cosy. It has no windows but a good ventilation system. The shower is lovely and the bath is comforting. The towel rack heats up our fluffy towels for when we’re finished in there. It’s so refreshing to have a clean and mould free bathroom that doesn’t have to be shared with many people. We bought a side table from IKEA for things like spare loo rolls and toiletries because this flat actually has little storage. The bathroom is where the washing machine lives as well, tucked away.


To the right of the hallway is our bedroom. We were left a bed, bedside tables, a set of drawers and a wardrobe. We bought the clothes rails from IKEA because the wardrobe is dominated by coats, jackets and jeans and so our everyday clothes have to sit outside. We knew one wardrobe between the two of us would not be enough space. The rails turned out to look part of the decor anyway so we don’t mind. We have somehow managed to hide away most of our belongings in the various drawers. The bedroom gets a lot of natural light. We have big doors all around the flat rather than windows so the place is always bright and airy. The blinds and floors are in really great condition as well, I love dark wood.



The lounge is the hub of the house. It’s long and spacious and so filling it was a challenge. We have a reading nook in the corner by the heater which we never turn on because the place is so warm anyway. We have this soft black beanbag and this huge amazing reading light. This lamp is one of our favourite pieces of furniture.


The coffee table and sofa was left here for us by the landlord which saved us some money. The sofa is new and comfortable and decorated in our alphabet cushions and blankets. I adore the sofa; it is the focus of the room. Underneath the coffee table is Adam’s DVD collection and atop it are knick knacks we picked up along the way. I am really trying to make our flat as green as possible because I adore plants. (All are fake, don’t worry about the cats).


The TV unit is probably Adam’s favourite part of the flat. It has all of our entertainment and my books fill the whole thing. We have a few cute things like photographs and paintings and ornaments to fill it out a bit.


The desk is beautiful and was a last minute purchase. It finished our flat of perfectly because we spend quite a bit of time at a desk what with my writing and Adam’s gaming. We try to keep it as clear as possible so that we don’t get in each other’s way.


The kitchen is so beautiful. The doors light it all up and the white goes all shiny. Most of the kitchen was kitted out by my lovely parents who really helped us out with appliances and the cupboards were filled by Adam’s family who brought over lots of food! I really got into food and cooking during the last months of the old tenancy and the only problem was not having the cleanest kitchen and my kitchen stuff going missing. It is nice to have space and to have clean surfaces that inspire me to spend more time in the kitchen which, in turn, has meant that I’m eating for nourishment rather than just eating whatever is convenient which often means unhealthy.


So there you go. Our new home. The only thing I haven’t shown you is my little exercise nook with my work out equipment and whatnot but that’s neither interesting nor photogenic!

That’s your little nose at my new flat so I hope it was interesting enough!

I cannot wait to make lots of happy memories here!

H x




  1. November 29, 2016 / 3:18 pm

    Couldn’t help but notice you have Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, very very good, I’m proud aha

    • November 29, 2016 / 7:30 pm

      I have to confess that they belong to my boyfriend! x

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