How I’m Bringing The Spa Home

It is no surprise to anyone that I feel most relaxed and zen when I am at a spa weekend! After a recent break away to the seaside to relax and rejuvenate, I returned home eager to hold on to that feeling. Since then, I have been making a few changes to my everyday routine and have successfully managed to hold on!


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The Spa Feeling

First of all, everyone is different, so what I love is not going to be the same as what you love. But who doesn’t love a spa weekend? I tried to define what exactly makes me feel so good when I’m on a spa break. Firstly, everywhere you look is immaculate because people are constantly cleaning up after you. Secondly, you’re not short of iced drinks and great fresh food. Thirdly, everything smells fantastic and so do you because you’re constantly being pampered! It makes you feel like you’re really worth the time and energy it takes to look and feel good!


Bring the spa home

Unfortunately, we don’t have a cleaner – but never say never! In the meantime, I’m making at least 15 minutes a day to do something on the house. I tackle a quick task such as hoovering, doing the bathroom etc to make sure that the house stays as spa immaculate as it can be. It’s no easy task because the house is big and I also have three pets who tend to chuck toys everywhere but on the whole my house is quite the sanctuary. I’m also really invested in ensuring it always smells nice. You know those lingering smells that just happen from food or not enough air flow? Since I walk the dog three times a day, I’m always coming into my home after a break like a guest – able to smell the house! I’ll give you my top tips for perfectly scenting your whole home:

  • place an ample amount of candles around – especially in hallways and the centres of each room
  • use candles with a base of essential oils – they’re heavier, more spa like and linger longer
  • Use tea lights under oils to burn themselves out on their own – minimal effort!


Spa upkeep!

I love the put-together feeling you get when you’ve been to the spa! Unfortunately, if there was ever a word I’d use to describe myself it would be ‘scruffy’. I really hate feeling scruffy but that’s just the truth of it. Being put together doesn’t come naturally but since we can’t always pay someone to pamper us, we have to make time for the basics! Treat yourself to some spa products and pop them in the shower so you always smell like a spa. Try to do your nails at least once a week. Use a really good smelling body lotion daily – especially if you live in England, this weather is temperamental! Always stock your favourite foods – have some healthy stuff in there too though!


What I’ve learned from this experiment is that it’s easy to be in a good mood when your whole environment looks and smells like a spa and you feel great and put-together!






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