How Love Island Helped Me Get Back to Reading

I know what you’re thinking. What the hell? What has Love Island got to do with reading? Absolutely nothing except Love Island is the absolute turning point of when I stopped messing about and began reading a book a week. And also, this title, as weird as it is, got you intrigued for a minute didn’t it? That’s why you’re here!


love island books reading


The Love Island hour

When my friend first introduced me to Love Island, I watched it because she was at my house and she wanted to watch it. I also told her that I didn’t have time to watch TV all that much. That much was true, or so I thought. But to be honest Love Island had me completely hooked and I thought, it’s only an hour a day for a bit. So, no matter what I was doing, no matter how busy I was, I would stop whatever I was doing to watch Love Island. It was my guilty pleasure and I have no regrets!


The gap when it’s over

When Love Island ended and I didn’t have a reason to stop working and chill out to some brainless television, I found that I really missed the break. It was such a good way to wind down and go braindead before bed and I enjoyed that I was making time for a bit of meaningless fun. I realised that people make time for whatever is important to them, and television is a poor excuse for something important. If I could find the time to stop at the same time of day, every single day, and commit an hour to watching TV, I could also put that time to better use and pick up a book.


There’s always enough time in the day

I was an absolute arse for saying that there wasn’t enough hours in a day. I was a massive procrastinator and that was the real problem. There wasn’t enough time in the day to procrastinate many hours away scrolling through social media, watching Friends or playing Candy Crush as well as ticking off everything on the to-do list! When I switched up my work game and created a more effective and productive way of working, I realised that after 5pm, there are 8 free hours. That’s a lot of time to do a lot of things you love!


Stop losing sight of the things and the people that are important to you and start making proper time for them. After all, even if you only have your commute hour, an hour each day is a start! And you’re worth making the time for.


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