How to Avoid an End of Term Meltdown


Hello lovelies,

It is that joyous time of the year when most British universities are nearly over their first term. We can all see and smell freedom on the horizon, we are mentally prepared for the panic buying, crazy wrapping, mad packing, face stuffing, freeloading festivities of the Christmas half term. Our families are eager to see us and we are, mostly, just really excited to go home and see our beloved pets and eat all of the food somebody else bought BUT…one thing stands in our way: deadlines.

My first term demands of me six essays- three of which I have already handed in and presented to a seminar but I need to hand in three more long essays- one per module, and I am finished.

I have been organised this year. I thought I had planned everything thoroughly so that I had plenty of time to get this done but turns out I need more time and more effort to put into these essays to get the grades I’m after. I do feel a melt down coming along but I need to stay level headed so here are my tips if you, too, are feeling the meltdown…

Calm down. It’s going to be fine. Mostly because it has to be fine and you have no other choice. Stressing is a waste of time and energy.

Write a list. Know the order of deadlines and prioritise. Get the mess out of your head and write a page of order.

Have a plan. And if you don’t have one, here’s one: Spend two evenings per module on getting the reading for your essay done. Spend two evenings per module writing those reading notes up into an essay. Spend one night going over each essay and ensuring it is of the best quality, structure, has only relevant content and argues a clear point with a concise conclusion!

Have a work station. Either go to the library where it is quiet or clean up your desk, it doesn’t matter so long as its somewhere quiet where you can focus.

Schedule time for fun. Wind down with a book or some TV or a Christmas movie, just don’t go to bed stressed.

Drink some mulled wine. This is really an optional side note but it probably would help you chill out. Or, I guess, warm up.

Here’s to being so close to Christmas i.e., passed out on the sofa by 3pm with a fat belly, drunken burps and a little bit of chocolate still on your chin.

Hannah x


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