How to Clean Your Make-up Brushes!

Hi guys! I get asked how to clean make up brushes a lot by family, friends and blog readers so I thought that this would be a useful post. These are the two ways in which I, personally, have and still do clean my make-up brushes…

P1010607I clean my brushes with soap, either with the Dove plain bar of soap or with a creamy hand soap that comes in a pump bottle. If you’re going to be using a bar of soap then all I do is run it under a warm tap for a while before taking one of my brushes and then I work the bristles of my make-up brush into the soap bar (which admittedly turns the same colour of your foundation). Really work the brush onto the soap so that it foams and lathers. Every so often, squeeze from the roots of the bristles to the tips so all the foam (and make-up) comes off. Rinse the brush under warm water and (with a clean layer of the soapbar) start again. Repeat until the foam is white and clean again. Then simply rinse the brush under the tap so that all of the soap and dirt and make-up runs right off!

P1010611This time, I used a simple moisturising hand soap and pumped a pump or two into the palm of my hand. I dampened the make-up brushes slightly under warm water before I worked the brush and bristles through the soap in my hand. It’s exactly the same as the bar of soap method but instead of working the brush onto a bar of soap you are working the brush into the palm of your hand. Work the soap into the bristles until it lathers and then rinse the make-up clean off the brushes before adding more soap into your hand and repeating until the soap remains white and then rinse the brush thoroughly. Ensure that no soap is left on your brushes!

P1010613Finally, you need to gently towel dry your brushes. Massage the bristles into a towel without stressing them out and then leave them to air dry for a few hours before you use them again.


(For eyelash curlers, I find that a simple face wipe can remove mascara)


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  1. January 12, 2014 / 9:39 pm

    some great tips on here! please take a look at my blog i’m a new blogger and it would be appreciated 🙂 x

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