How To Fall in Love (Just Kidding. Book Review)



I’ve been reading again. I’ve not had much to do so I committed myself to reading another book. I picked up this book a couple of months ago and, I’m not gonna lie, it was mostly because the cover was so damn pretty! Cover judging aside, I have seen this book at the front of pretty much every bookstore I have been in recently and I had left it sat on my window ledge, neglected. Curious as to why it was suddenly popular, I actually read it.

It was pretty good. I’m a somewhat…sceptical┬áperson sometimes about books and films because, quite frankly my dears, I find all of these unrealistic, sickeningly blissful happy endings terribly boring and unrealistic. We’ll get back to that another time.

The idea and storyline of this book was new to me and I really liked it. The protagonist, Christine, was a self-help book reading, helping everybody else but not herself kind of person and came across a man, after an already daunting time, standing on a bridge about to jump. She courageously climbs the side of the bridge to hold onto him and tries to talk him down from the bridge, to safety. This conversation led to a deal; that Christine had two weeks to show this man, Adam, that life was worth living or he’d try death again and succeed.

It’s quite a humbling book, taking you through trials and tribulations of life and demonstrates that one moment always leads to the next, from good things to less good things and from bad times to good times. From being the teacher of Adam, showing him how to love life, it taught her also, how to love life.

The book had everything; an enticing beginning, chaos, family duels and even humour, though the idea might seem dark.

The ending was, as it always is, what the reader wants to hear which did lessen my appreciation of book because I loved the rest because it was so honest and raw.

Nonetheless, an enjoyable read and I do recommend it!

Hannah x


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