How to: Home manicure

P1010932Giving myself a manicure is one of my most favourite things to do when I have an hour spare or simply just want a bit of pampering. It surprises me how little time some people spend on their nails and when a couple of my friends admitted to not knowing what cuticle balm is, I knew I had to do this post.
So grab what I tell you to and give the home manicure a try for yourself!

You will need:
Nail clippers
Nail file
Buffing block
Hand cream
Cuticle balm/cream
Cuticle pusher
Cotton q stick
Base coat polish
Your chosen nail polish

1. Ensure any nail Polish is taken off and the nail beds are clean.
2. Clip any breaks or splits in your nails until all are at a comfortable length with a strong, undamaged end.
3. File the edges of your nails and over the ends. If your nails are short then round the edges off. If your nails are longer then you could square them.
4. Use the (typically 4) sides of the buffing block, in order, on each nail until they are buffed, smoothed and shiny.
5. Use one end of the q tip to dust off the nails as dry skin etc has been buffed away.
6. Smooth some chosen hand cream onto your hands. Be generous and gently massage the cream onto all areas of the hand before massaging up the fingers to massage cream into cuticles. This also stimulates blood flow to and around your nails which promote growth.
7. Once the hand cream has been mostly absorbed, apply cuticle cream or balm to and around each nail and cuticle. Allow the cream to absorb and soften the cuticles before taking a cuticle pusher and gently push the cuticles back, off the nail bed. Ensure to push the cuticle edges around the nail as well as the cuticle at the very root of the nail. This allows the nail to grow by removing dead skin and cuticle.
8. Using the q tip again, brush any dirt or remaining cuticle off each nail bed so they are completely clean.
9. Apply a base coat to each nail and allow sufficient time to dry
10. Apply your first coat of your chosen nail polish- with as few strokes as possible, leaving a tiny gap between your fresh cuticle and the rest of the nail to allow that part of the new nail to breathe and grow.
11. Once the first coat is dry, apply second coat of polish if needed- again in as few strokes of the brush as possible to ensure that it is a smooth application.
12. Sit tight for a while to allow your nails time to dry properly. Sit back and relax! Now wasn’t that nice?

Your welcome,
Hannah x


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