How To: Remove Chlorine Green From Bleached Hair


Hello lovelies,

As well as re-ombréing my hair upon returning home from my holibobs, I have also experienced- for the first time in all my 20 years, the green horror that results from spending hours mermaiding about swimming pools.

I was advised by a friend that getting my hair wet and then sun drying it on holiday would make it lighter- which may well work wonders for natural blondes, but it didn’t take long for my bleach blonde ombré ends to turn wicked style green. Whilst I was a little horrified, I could pull off the mermaid-esque tinge on holiday as long as necessary but my return to grey London had me feeling less than fabulous about my new do.

I did some research and very open-mindedly tried… Heinz Ketchup. Yep. You read that right.

When we say that chlorine stains the hair green, it is actually the metals oxidised in the water that stick to the protein of hair strands and the green colour that appears then is copper. Ketchup works wonders because red is the opposite colour to green on the colour spectrum and so they cancel each other out, stripping the green tinge from hair.

The method is simple: I brushed my hair thoroughly and split it into four sections around my head. I generously applied tomato ketchup to the green ends of my hair, massaging it into each section before applying another layer to smother it good. Then I wrapped each section in foil- not to heat the hair but just to keep the ketchup of my clothes, and I waited 30 minutes before unwrapping the foil and jumping in the shower.

The smell was a little overwhelming- especially for somebody who does not like ketchup, and the shower was a little like a horror movie but, if you can stand both, I thoroughly recommend ketchup for green tint removal.

Although the ketchup did turn back the clock to my previous blonde, I went ahead and re-ombréd and highlighted my hair anyway to make the ashy blonde white and to advance a couple inches higher than where my ombré used to begin. You can see how I ombré in my previous tutorial here.

I hope this helped a few of you and amused a lot of you,

Hannah x


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