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Hello lovelies,

Lately, with my bare looking flat, I have been craving a more earthy home decor. It feels cleaner and prettier and, as I’m nowhere near being green fingers, I have recently gotten into minimalist easy peasy house plants.

I don’t have the cleanest track record for caring for living things. My poor hamster died in a house gas leak and any plant I have ever had has just withered in dehydration or drowned so this year I am starting a fresh slate and attempting to still have living plants this time next year!

If you want to start small with making your house greener, as I did, then pop to your nearest Ikea and head downstairs to the weird and wonderful section where you will find plants. Resist the lazy urge to buy the fake plants- which always look awful and tacky anyway, and find yourself in the living corner. I bought a set of three cacti for around £4. There is a variety of different cacti and in different pots so there should be something right for everyone! They look great and if you somehow manage to kill them then there’s no love lost in your purse!

You can get other potted plants from a local florist or market where you can ask them for the easy ones. I actually got this particular plant from my boyfriend’s grandfather who generously gave it to me as he loves gardening. I’m not sure what plant it is exactly because he didn’t say but it’s a simple potted plant that I keep on my desk and wait for the flowers to grow which I am assured will either be pink or yellow!

Cacti and potted plants aside, I have recently decided to try my hand at terrariums and hope to have a fair few to dot around my new place by the time I move in there. My mum bought me this really cool diamond type shaped terrarium for Christmas. I believe it is from Urban Outfitters but you can buy them from other places as well, for example Hobby Craft sell different shapes as do Oliver Bonas and other home decor places.


The first thing you want to do is decide what theme you want for your terrarium and remember that the bottom can be seen as well as the plants. I went for earthly features such as pebbles and moss before the soil but I also have some sea glass and crystals to experiment with on another one. You can also get all sorts of coloured stones or gravel so it’s really just a personal thing but try places like HobbyCraft and florists and garden centres until you’ve found whatever fits your vision.

As you can see, I layered soil upon pebbles upon moss and have succulents in my terrarium. (I was super lucky because my boyfriend’s grandfather is a gardener and generously donated all sorts of plants to me both for the home and the terrarium but you can get plants from garden centres or home stores).

I got my hands dirty literally and just sprinkled the soil across my pebble and moss layers and then dug small crevices in order to plant my succulents before dusting the soil back over their roots to secure them in. You have plenty of opportunity to wriggle things around in the terrarium until everything fits into an order you like but you must remember to allow room for growth!

Feel free to sprinkle more rocks or pretty stones in and around your flowers but I chose to keep it simple and didn’t. I sat a spare buddha that I had laying around within my little garden though!


The plants are small and new but pretty and I’m looking forward to caring for them and watching them (hopefully) grow! Terrariums are great for many reasons: city goers with no garden get to bring a piece of outside inside, they brighten the home, get you closer to nature, look really cool and convince people you have your life together but above all else, they are changeable. I have settled and arranged these plants in this terrarium in this way but if they grow too big I can just take them out and plant them in new pots and nurture smaller and younger plants in their place. That being said, I am probably more likely going to buy plenty more terrariums until every possible succulent and cacti are in my home collection!

I’m happy to have started to make my home greener and hope to have a bigger collection of house plants when I move house! I’m also starting to think that gardening is actually pretty fun. So open your house up with some living vibrant plants and get some responsibility in keeping something alive!

Hannah x


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