How to Work Remotely While Travelling

Now more than ever, companies are hiring remote workers, offices are going agile and people are starting their own businesses. Freelancing is incredible for giving you the unlimited freedom to make anywhere your office! But, since there are a lot of tools you need to do your job, leaving your usual work environment can be challenging. Especially if you can’t take it all with you!

Here are a few tips and tricks on successfully working remotely while travelling…


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Organisation beforehand 

Organisation is crucial for travelling or taking a break without your work life falling apart. It’s the worst feeling to get on a plane and realise you forgot to do something right before you’re disconnected from the world! And traveling light is much cheaper and easier! But it also means you can’t take all your work tools with you so be very organised the week or so before! Write a list of the usual tasks and get as much done in advance as possible. The more work done at home, the less work you’ll have to do on holiday! Remember that it is much better to hand in work early rather than late so get on with it! A few weeks before you go away, plan in extra hours here and there to get ahead. You’ll be doing yourself a massive favour!


Create a task list for while you’re away

Holiday brain is a strange phenomenon! Whilst it’s important to relax and rejuvenate, holiday brain will make you forget the day, the time and your responsibilities! Create a clear task list before you go away and store it somewhere safe so that you can refer to it and ensure nothing important gets forgotten. I also like to set reminders on my phone to go off alongside this task list, in case it isn’t to hand when I need it. For example, set a 15 minute alarm for a work call you have scheduled so you can be sure to get somewhere quiet and have any notes to hand for the call. Set alerts for work deadlines and any work you need to do live, such as posting certain content or the launching of a campaign. Don’t trust yourself to remember everything when you’re detached from it!


Choose your location wisely – know when to admit ‘out of office’

Quit while you’re ahead! Only ever commit to working while travelling if you make it a priority when you book. For example, when Adam and I go away on a city break, I book a 4 or 5 star hotel – one that I know can accommodate me in the way of wifi and quiet places for business calls. It’s rather easy to work from any city so city breaks should always on the cards for you! If you’re going somewhere a little more remote, however, like a beach holiday or somewhere in the countryside, you might not want to commit to working remotely! How will you fare if you’re disconnected and can’t find a good connection somewhere quiet? Be realistic with yourself and know when it’s easier and simpler to say ‘out of office’!


Do you work remotely and regularly travel? Share your tips in the comments! If you work remotely and don’t travel I’d love to hear why in the comments too!



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