Hummingbird Bakery


Hello lovelies,

I recently visited the Hummingbird Bakery after hearing so many good things about it. (Even from cake expert Carrie Fletcher!) I have passed it on many occasions and never had time to go in so I was super excited to finally stuff my face with their cakes!

The outside instantly draws your attention to the place, that’s for sure. It is bright pink and obviously the windows are decorated with beautiful cakes. I approached the bar of cake before me with eagerness- so much cake to choose from. They offer big slices of cakes such as chocolate, rainbow cake, red velvet, a selection of brownies and a vast array of cupcakes. I settled on a chocolate nut brownie and my boyfriend had what looked like a peanut butter and chocolate macaroon.

We also ordered tea and settled in for the long haul.

Everything was perfect; the tea, the cake. So much chocolate. So much sweetness. So much adoration. My boyfriend and I gave it our best shot but the richness overwhelmed us resulting in a poor finish BUT we were incredibly happy with what we did manage to eat.

I strongly recommend this place, plus it is conveniently located near the famous Breakfast Club and close to the theatres if you fancied seeing a show. It’s not far from Oxford Street at all if you were shopping and fancied a bite. Not going to lie, I expect I shall be back soon for a crack at the cupcakes!

H x


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