I Wrote a Book


Some of you have already picked up on this but just to make the announcement clear: I wrote a book!

i wrote a book

During my third year of university, I had a very specific idea that I wanted to do a dissertation on. I am adamant that, despite all of the hatred and war, everyone is connected. It’s a little bit blanket theory philosophy and a lot of human observation, but I wanted to write about what’s important in life, what connects all of us 8 billion strangers and what makes life important.

Since a dissertation wasn’t on the plan for us lot, the idea was not used. It ended up being coupled with the things that I was writing about my university experience. One day, a character came to my imagination, in a spot of bother, and I wrote it all down. He was saved by another character. I wrote their scenarios down daily and, before I knew it, created 70,000 words of their story. After brutal editing and multiple reads over, it is quite clear that I have put my heart and soulĀ into this book.

I so badly wanted to create something with real people, real problems but humour to laugh it off and strength and companionship that could conquer anything. I think I have achieved that. I will go into further detail in my next blog post when I announce the title and contents of the book!

If you’re looking for a laugh, a cry and characters that will seem like your best friends then stay tuned because I really want you guys to be a part of the next adventure. It’s a dream come true for me and I feel like I can finally give you guys something a bit more substantial than blog posts!

To be continued…


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