Introducing Buddy

Hello guys,

If your read my last post then you will know that my housemates and I bought a hamster and if you didn’t read my last post then you know now! He is a ginger Syrian hamster who lives in a pretty funky Rotastak house!

It’s been really nice to have a little furry thing running around to brighten up everyone’s day. I still wish that I lived with my two cats because they are the best and no future pet will ever replace them but they’re used to countryside and would definitely get hit by a car if I moved them here!

Buddy is getting used to being handled but doing well with it. He only nips if you shock him. He is adventurous and moves fast so we are typically watching him in pairs when we have him out of his house. He really likes his ball, even though he just bashes into everything. He is usually awake first thing in the morning to play with and then he settles back into his house to sleep until late afternoon where he is at his most playful! Hamsters are nocturnal and we know that he stays awake because he has been a busy boy shifting all of his bedding around his house because he can’t seem to settle on one place for his bedroom.

He picks up all of the shredded paper bedding and carries it in his pouches to wherever he desires. So far he has had three different bed spots so we shall see where he decides is best!

Here are a few pictures to inject a bit of cuteness into your week!




Hannah x




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