Introducing Child Number Three: Sansa

Hello lovelies! Anyone who follows me on Instagram or Snapchat has already been made aware that our family of four expanded to five recently! Adam and I , who have been thinking of getting a dog for the last two years, bit the bullet and had a baby. Meet Sansa Stark, our third fur child.

pomeranian puppy

Before I continue, I’m going to go on a small side note. Why do we live in a world where people ask more questions when you get a dog than when people have a baby? I know people my age who have never had a job and have multiple children and no one ever asks them if their finances cover it or if their small house can handle it. I bet you’ve never even thought about it before but let me tell you, it’s a thing! A really funny thing!

Sansa is a pomeranian, mostly black with a little white chest and socks. She is growing, believe it or not! She’s really quiet and doesn’t growl, yap or bark and already knows ‘wait’, ‘sit’, ‘down’, lead training, name recall and to sit next to her food and control herself until we allow her to eat. I think it’s quite easy to let small dogs get the better of you but it’s so important to train them early on! She’s pretty much a dream to live with now but I will admit that a puppy is not as cute as it might seem!

Adam and I had to be such a team to work with a puppy. Sansa hadn’t been trained or disciplined at all when we got her so it was a fresh start. It took a few weeks just to get her to engage with us for training, undistracted! Before that was a little bit hellish! When you get a puppy, everyone wants to tell you what the right way of training them is. For example, we bought a crate and tried to use it and she hated it and we hated it too but people make you feel that it’s the only way! What actually happened was we gave up on the crate and even my mum asked me what I was thinking when none of our pets have ever been crated before. We taught Sansa ‘bed’ and she didn’t need telling twice. From day one, when the lights go out, she trots to bed and stays there until we’re up. The crate is dismantled, banished!

Sansa is getting us out of the house twice a day for walks around the park and has become somewhat a celebrity with the locals. Everybody wants to stop and say ‘hello’! We’ve come across countless dogs who bark at people and growl at other dogs and were fearful that it was a possibility with Sansa. We’ve actually found her to be very sociable, not making a peep at person, dog or child, just happily wagging her tail, taking the fuss and walking on! She’s so happy to explore and meet everyone and has picked up lead training really well!

Sansa is slowly building relationships with her sisters. Blair and Tilly lived on higher ground for a month, watching the new arrival to study her. Now, however, they are back on the ground, sometimes trotting alongside her, sometimes warning her to take it easy and sometimes wanting nothing to do with her at all. As time passes, however, Sansa has learned not to run at them, they have learned not to be afraid of her, and sometimes we find Sansa and Tilly getting into mischief together and leaving the scene attached to each other’s hip!

All in all, getting a puppy has been a bit of a chaotic adventure for us all but the Hadam family is a happy, cuddly bunch and have accommodated everyone! That being said, we have very much stunted the growth of the Hadam team, and are having no more arrivals in the future!

You can catch all of the antics on my Instagram and Snapchat. Come and say hey!


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