Is Your House Poisoning Your Pets?

I love animals. It’s why I have three of my own and have always had pets growing up. When you begin to live on your own, especially if you’re a germ freak, it’s easy to get carried away with cleaning products. The problem, however, is that it’s often at the cost of our pets! What’s toxic to us and what’s toxic to them is very different – and nothing is worth endangering your pet! Here are some ways your house is poisoning your pets…


are you poisoning your pet toxic plants



Essential oils have some great uses. They’re great for making your house smell fresh and clean when you diffuse them. You can use some of them to clean and disinfect surfaces. Oils can help ease tension or alleviate stress. The uses are endless! A lot of these essential oils, however, are toxic and poisonous to your pets. For example, lavender and peppermint – though they’re my favourite to diffuse, can be deadly to cats. Tea tree – though a great disinfectant, will poison pets should they eat it. Look up what might harm your cats, dogs, rabbits and other pets and make sure you’re only using safe oils in your home.



Pet owners are probably more likely to use fragrances than others which is incredibly ironic and unfortunate. A lot of fragrances on the market are actually poisonous to pets, causing irreversible long-term damage to them. For example, plug ins contain lots of dangerous chemicals and fragrances that can harm your pet. Candles, from the wax they are made of to the fragrances and oils within them, can poison your pets. Sprays for furniture and bedding can also be toxic. Make sure you’re only fragrancing your home with more natural and pet-safe products. Your pets are forced to breathe the air you give them so consider them!


Cleaning Products

There are lots of unnecessary chemicals in cleaning products that are harmful in general but especially to pets. As a rule of thumb, just assume that whatever you use on your house will end up inside your pets. Because it probably will. For example, any floor cleaners will be on their paws so it can damage their skin and be ingested when they wash. Same goes with your soaps, your surface cleaners and anything you use on their bowls. Try to switch to natural methods where you can, always lock up your products and always wipe down floors and sides so that no product residue is left to cause harm to your pets.



Plants are essential to most homes – they’re great for cleaning up the air we breathe and greenery is good for your wellbeing. The problem is that people are buying plants without considering their pets. Plants all have different toxicity levels and it’s crucial to look these up before you go home with them. Most plants are toxic and poisonous to cats and dogs so you have to try extra hard to avoid them. I find Patch to be especially helpful in this regard. They have a great range of indoor and outdoor plants available to choose from and you can browse by room, by sunlight levels and select ‘child and pet friendly’ to only see the plants that are safe for your babies! They deliver them to your door so it’s super convenient all round and there are no more excuses for having poisonous plants around your pets!


Is there anything you need to chuck out after reading this? Do you have any great products to recommend for other pet owners? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!






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