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kikki k journals planners wellbeing cats

Hello lovelies,

After my interview in Covent Garden the other day (and after a fair few Pimms in the pub!) my boyfriend and I stumbled across the pop up store for Kikki K and could not have been more in our element!

I knew my way around the Kikki K website as I ordered the wellbeing planner from them at Christmas time for using in 2016 and I am still adoring the planner, every section is so helpful and I am constantly sticker-ing up my calendar to draw my eyes to important dates.

For the last few months I have been needing to get myself a new journal. I have filled up my last one and have begun to feel a little lost without one. I looked in Paperchase and Staples and Liberty and all sorts but none of them caught my eye so happening across Kikki K solved my problem!

Not only do they have monochrome ranges of planners and books, fun colourful ranges, beautifully aesthetically pleasing ranges but they also have a whole variety of products in a cat theme! I could have spotted this cat journal a mile off!

kikki k journals planners wellbeing cats

The majority of pages on the inside are lined but every few pages there are some cats to keep you company, sometimes imaginative stories of the cats, some pages are more decorative than others, all add that little bit of inspiration which is why I think this is such a good idea for journaling because it just keeps things interesting and colourful and fresh. This journal is so lovely and I’ve just not seen anything like it, it is as if every single page has been really thought about and has something special added to it.

(I also bought the matching pen to match because how could I not! They aren’t just gimmicks or side orders either, the pens are really good quality, comfortable to hold and a nice thick smooth run of ink- no scratchy bic biro problems for me!)

kikki k journals planners wellbeing cats

What I like the most about Kikki K is their colour schemes for products; whilst they’re different so that everybody can find something they absolutely love, there are really similar trims to each that make them so easy to mix and match. For example, the blue used on the journal is the exact same blue they used for the inside lining of the wellbeing planners (and a few others). Kikki K and all their products are just the most aesthetically pleasing and compatible! I feel like they’ve put as much thought as possible into these products so your desk is always so instagram-worthy!

You can never have too much stationary and Kikki K is heaven! If you’re a Londoner then you’re in luck! Definitely pop into Covent Garden (or the permanent store opening in James Street) and feast your eyes on their beauties! Be sure to leave with something you love!

Hannah x


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