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IMG_4537Hello lovelies!

Kikki K is one of the newest shops in London, has recently opened store in Covent Garden and is a place of dreams for anyone who loves organisation, stationary and motivation to get going. As a dear fan of the filofax and paper chase planners, it was inevitable that I would love it so I recently accepted fate and replaced my old loyal organiser for something new.

Its no surprise now, I’m sure, that I didn’t have the best of times in 2015 but I’m determined to have a good and healthy year this 2016 and so it could not be a better time to introduce you to: the wellness planner.

This planner is truly beautiful. It is a delicate shade of light blue and what feels like saffiano leather. It is quite a lot larger than my other planner which therefore requires a larger bag- not a criticism but definitely something to note if you’re used to filofax sizes!


Once you open it up, you immediately notice all of the pockets; a few card sized pockets, a larger open pocket and a zipped pocket for anything important. This left side also has a small pad to note down and reflect upon good habits to be practicing and also has some origami paper which was not included, by the way, I just like to have some wherever I go in case I get anxious or bored and want to make something.


The calendar section has beautiful gold lettering that instructs us: ‘do what you love and do it often‘ and opens up to some colourful stickers, a page of goals where I wrote my new year resolutions and personal information pages before the monthly grid style pages. As photographed, I have scheduled in my lectures and cat check ups and I tend to bullet point the most important tasks of each day. I have also left a message in each month’s note section for my future self. I have tried to sum up the most important part of every month to look forward to e.g. valentines, birthday, final exams, leaving uni, moving house, moving on, getting a job, graduation, holiday etc all the way down to December where I wish myself a much merrier Christmas than I had this year and the most important note: You made it! 

(And yes, I have a monthly ‘This month you saved: £?’ section because I’m moving to my new apartment in four months and I am so freaking excited and proud and happy about it!!!!)


The next section is ‘My Day’ and reminds us that ‘To be happy is a choice we make‘. It asks you to note what today would be perfect for, set weekly goals and rewards, has sections for to-do lists, priorities, meals, sleep, me-time plans, exercise, water intake, what you’re grateful for and improvements to reach goals. This obviously combines organisation, reflection, mindfulness, physical well being and nutrition and I love that it keeps you thinking positively and cleanly.

The weekly reflection section is another favourite of mine and this motivational message reads: ‘ Nothing happens unless first we dream‘ which I love because I feel like it sums up my decisions lately to write more and actually try to make a living doing what I love. It asks how you feel, to summarise your week in three words, your achievements in nutrition, exercise and mind and what you learn in those areas also. It tracks the goals that you set, the changes you have made, the habits you feel you need to change and what you’re going to do next week.


The mind section is something I work on as and when I feel I need to. It reminds me ‘Joy is not in things it is in us‘ which is perfectly apt to my minimalist living lately and also has another amazing quote ‘You will never find time for anything. If you want time, you must make it‘ which I have been remembering and trying to make time to read books I want to and write to meet my deadlines and make time for walking etc. It asks questions of reflection and what I like to do for myself and how to go about making more me time and has many many more amazing quotes to think about in regards to hobbies, passions and reminders that what we think is what we become etc.

The nutrition section is really helpful because I don’t have the greatest relationship with food. It has room to set weekly goals that are achievable and asks how you will go about fulfilling those goals and asks you to set rewards for positive reinforcement. There is a meal planner so that you can fill the days up with meals that your body needs and try to stick to them, there are daily food logs to ensure that you have stuck to them and shopping lists which help me a lot because I always seem to have nervous breakdowns in supermarkets because its my fortnightly reminder that I don’t know what I’m doing and I never buy anything more than a few pieces of fruit for the week, I just don’t know what to buy or what other people buy and make meals of so this allows me to plan it out which I’m still working on.


The last section is exercise and includes goals, exercise logs of what you did, when and how many calories burned but I don’t use this last part because really, I only need to walk and live more actively and tend to get obsessive over these things so I’m steering clear but it is a helpful section!

Then, as George Bernard Shaw reminds us ‘Life isn’t about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself’ I use the ‘Notes’ pages at the back as my new journal. There aren’t enough pages for 365 days and I like that because there’s no pressure to write every day. I just write down when I learn something or when I feel something new and want to remember an experience. The very back pocket has a notepad (different from the pages) and I use this to jot down reminders or numbers or things I need to remember basically.


I just thought I would share with you what I think is the best planner I have ever seen in case any of you are interested in that kind of stuff. I know that most people are satisfied with a planner of the year to just jot down tasks by date but I love that this helps me in so many aspects of life and asks me to reflect on things like a journal and practices mindfulness- and trust me I am the first to roll my eyes and immediately detest anyone who preaches that ‘depression can be solved with mindfulness and yoga’ because it’s bullshit so I assure you that’s not what I’m saying. I’m saying that this is something that not only keeps track of your tasks and affairs and important dates but asks you to reward yourself, better yourself, set goals and stick to them and organises shopping, eating, planning, exercising and asks you regularly what you’re grateful for and although it won’t magically make me have a good year where I’m not stressed or down but it might make me a more positive person as opposed to immediately jumping to the worst conclusions which is what I always seem to do!

I don’t know when this will go up because I’m writing it on the third of January but the weather and, subsequently, lighting has been against me at the moment so I don’t know when I’ll get to photograph the planner and publish this but it is never too late to treat yourself for the year so if you loved this little review then get yourself down to Covent Garden or online to Kikki K’s website and order yourself one of their planners, be it wellbeing or otherwise!

Hannah x


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