Kitten Update


Hello lovelies,

I realise that it must seem strange of me to drop a big life-changing fact on you and then not continue the discussion or updates. I guess I’ve just been really busy, too busy to think about writing this. Most of my posts- if not all, I wrote weeks and weeks ago. My blog has been running itself since the beginning of September in order to allow me to go to uni, complete my reading and work many hours at my job.

What I said was to the point. I bought two little kittens and they are lovely. They are home. They¬†define home. They’re beautiful and wonderful and tiny and fluffy and soft and warm and their purrs are so soothing. I am in love.

The light/white/ginger cat is called Tilly. She is shy but curious and affectionate. She is a lot smaller than her sister but has the biggest heart. She has a quiet purr but purrs often and likes to sleep under my arm under the duvet in bed.

The tabby long haired kitten is called Blair, after Blair Waldorf- my favourite television character ever. Refusing to fall short of her name, Blair is just as fierce and strong-willed as her namesake and just as adamant that she can do everything at once. She is very playful and super quick at catching things. She is very soft and fluffy and likes belly rubs and warm laps and face massages. She has to be near me in order to sleep and she mews at me when I try to leave. When I pick her up and hold her she has this really loud rattle of a purr and nuzzles into my neck and it’s so sweet.

They do everything together. They eat together, play together, drink together, sleep curled up together like yin and yang and even poop together! When one of them moves to do something, so does the other.

As I write this, they are underneath my laptop tray, snuggled into my lap and tangled in each other. They are like miniature companions.

I guess the only fair thing to do at this point would be to post some of the best pictures we have gathered.


Cuddling to sleep


Yes they are spooning me. No, they have no idea of personal space


Tilly plays peekaboo!


The faces of guilt at play fighting so close to my legs




Suffocation by paws


Two kittens sleeping under my duvet


Underneath my laptop tray


Her paws look like JELLYBEANS


Tilly being strange


Blair cuddling her tsumtsum Abu to sleep next to mummy


Give it up! Paws in the air, Blair!


More cuddling of Abu


Blair trying to get a leg up


Tilly having a cuddle of my leg

Tilly with her floof paws

Tilly with her floof paws

Blair trying to get out of a spooning session

Blair trying to get out of a spooning session

Blair sitting like a hooman

Blair sitting like a human

Happy kitties in the sunshine spot

Happy kitties in the sunshine spot

As you can see, they are very well loved and I am absolutely smitten. And I hope that this satisfies your appetite for cuteness! You can keep up with my happy bundles of fur and purr on instagram at: tillyandblair

Love, Hannah x



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