Let’s Get Productive! (Ft. Sighh Designs)


Hello lovelies,

I think, if I really want to blow my own trumpet, that I have done well to have stuck to my Tuesday and Friday posting schedule all term. But every now and then, especially when I get bogged down with uni work and become groggy and uninspired, we need a new kickstart to get back on track.

With the help of a few treats from Polly’s shop Sighh Designs (which continues to expand with more and more pretty things to tempt my fancy), I gave the desk some new things.

I am not ashamed to say that I have covered my laptop with these slightly passive aggressive stickers in the hope that I will be encouraged to continue getting stuff done. I’m surprised at the strength on them too, I worried they might wear off quickly given that my wrists rest on them when I type and my laptop gets a lot of use but they’re stuck fast!

I’ve had my eye on the notebooks for a while now (and HAVE to buy the new ‘Future You’ one because really have you seen how pretty it is?), but this new notebook is already taking care of lists of posts, photo ideas and update reminders etc. I thought I would share some tips for productivity because I think, if we’re all honest with each other, a lot of us are incredible procrastinators! Here are a few things that help me:

  1. Get up in the morning. If I sleep the morning away or don’t do anything productive then I don’t tend to do anything productive all day. I think it’s a ‘start as you mean to go on’ thing. Why not get stuff done in the morning and have the evening to yourself?
  2. Set goals, make lists. I like to organise exactly what I have to do and set realistic goals of getting a few done a day. Plus it allows you to use a cute notebook and feels great to scribble out the tasks you’ve completed.
  3. Watch the time. Having wasted far too many days just faffing around not getting work done but not having fun either, I’ve learned that it’s best to set a specific amount of time to a project and actually get it done in that time. I’d rather lose an hour to a task than a whole day.
  4. Stay energised. Drinking lots of water makes a lot of difference, eating properly gives you the energy to work and also exercise even if its just a walk around the house as you make a cup of tea. If you sit for too long you will fall asleep. Get moving!
  5. Listen to an upbeat playlist. I find that I can’t listen to most music and work at the same time because I find the lyrics distracting but I’ve recently created an electronic concentration playlist on spotify with sounds that keep me awake but don’t disrupt my focus. (For those who want to follow this playlist you can find me at: hannahlouisecarrier).

I hope you’re at least somewhat inspired now to go do whatever you’re avoiding doing since you’re scrolling through my blog instead. (I know).

Good luck!

Hannah x



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