Life Lately, an Update and How to Stay Cool Headed

Life lately has been a weird one. I’m sure you have seen that I’ve taken time off from blogging because I didn’t know what to say but ultimately it’s my job, it’s my income, it’s time to come back! Life lately is a bit unusual and sometimes turbulent and mostly just a big old mess. I know I usually share with you but the things that are going on are a) too big and too private to share and b) are not my stories to tell! I can say, however, that I feel challenged by life lately and am having to actively try to stay cool-headed. When life moves so fast you can’t really stop or let stuff get the better of you! Especially when there is so much to do!



Here are three ways to stay cool-headed and on track, even in futile negative situations.


Know when to take time out

I work for myself which makes me naturally inclined to say ‘yes’ to everything! Working from home can also be lonely so I like to say ‘yes’ to every social event and meet up with people regularly too. When something is going on in life it already drains you of energy and your thoughts. It’s important to recognise that you have to feel your best to do your best and be your best. Therefore you need to know when to take a break because you’re not 100%.

Taking time to yourself gives you that breathing space. You can let it all out if you want to, you can spend time pampering and getting yourself to feel good again and, most importantly, you can make sure you avoid making bad decisions because you’re not in a good headspace!


Treat yourself

Honestly, the age-old cure for bad luck or bad news and bad feelings has always been retail therapy. Obviously stay within your means and don’t go too crazy. Remember that nothing you can buy will ultimately change the situation or make it betterĀ but it can help to give you a boost. Buy something you’ve had your eye on for a while rather than shopping impulsively to avoid buyer’s remorse and you should be well on your way to feeling a little shinier!


Throw yourself into something

When situations are futile and there is nothing anyone can do to change them, especially yourself, worrying and thinking it over is a waste of energy. That doesn’t always mean you can logically tell yourself to stop though! A great way to feel better is to take your mind off of anything negative. Throw yourself into a project that takes a lot of your headspace up! I personally use work as an escape. It takes up a lot of my time, thoughts and energy, so when I’m busy working away on campaigns and chatting to clients, I feel good! Use something that consumes you for a bit so you can put some distance between the negative and yourself and give your brain a break!


As always, I hope you are so well that you don’t need any wellbeing tips from me! But, ultimately, this is what’s happening for me right now and itĀ is also my job and my income so why not use life in my work? Love to you all x





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