Life Lately – July and August

Another month, another opportunity to sit and reflect on life! I didn’t get around to doing a ‘Life Lately’ in July so there are a few things to catch you up on and just generally ramble about!


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Work and home 

Everything in life is generally good! I worked a lot in July and August as I wanted to make money for my summer holiday! I picked up new clients, bid farewell to old clients and went through a lot of changes. There were a lot of late nights and overworking as well as some better days where I tried to make the most of my free time! I took on a new client with a very bookish theme and I’m very excited about it!

Home is great – nothing much new around here! It’s been a bit of a sauna in the 30+ degree heatwave we’ve had going on in England but other than that it’s been good. We fixed a few things such as cleaning out radiator covers that hadn’t been cleaned since Victoria reigned and we fixed leaking taps and the like but nothing interesting. I am also relieved and excited to say that we finally booked some time off! I will actually be going on an ‘out of office’ holiday to Italy in the middle of September and I definitely need the break!

Another thing that happened over the summer was that Sansa had her final operation to fix her knees. If you didn’t already know, she suffered from patellar subluxation! Her recovery this time around was a lot worse than last time but she is finally all better now and will live a very long and happy life on her new knees!¬†



It’s been a tough year so far in the way of health! There has been a few adjustments and things in life that I have had a hard time mentally dealing with. Aside from that, there were a few health changes in July and August! In July, after about a year of consideration, I finally decided to come off the contraceptive pill. As Roxane Gay said ‘I will take a pill every day when men have that same option’. There were some side effects of coming off such as great weight loss and my mood and personality seems to have done a 180 which is very interesting.

I also finally took my moles to a doctor this summer! After a few months of having a bad feeling but not wanting to bother anyone with it, I went to a doctor who took one look at me and said there was a problem. She looked over quite a few of my moles and put me through for an urgent cancer query referral to my local hospital. She also helped me discover the lump in my neck. With everyone so concerned, I was too, but it turns out the tumours are benign and I have compound naevus. Phew! (Go get your skin checked people!)


Lessons Learned

The day I left the doctors surgery to go home and wait for my referral I was upset. I was mostly angry at myself for wasting so long and not doing what I wanted to do. I’m really pleased that everything turned out fine but I don’t want to forget the anger I felt, I want the last month of feeling sick and worrying to not be for nothing. The truth is that you’re responsible for your own actions and no one else will prioritise what’s important to you – only you can. So, with that being said, in the next three months I am traveling to Rome, Valvori, the Amalfi Coast and Budapest in two different trips.

I haven’t made the most of all the freedom that I have. Working from home means I can have days off – so why aren’t I? It means I can make as much or as little money as I want and work from wherever. I need to seriously prioritise saving for traveling and taking more time off to relax and that’s exactly what I’m going to do from here on out. A health scare, as crappy as it is, puts everything into perspective.


All in all, it’s been an interesting summer. What truly made it though were all the lovely people in my life who I’ve been spending time with. And now, thanks to The C Scare, I have so much booked to look forward to!





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