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It has been a hot minute since I have written anything remotely personal on here so I thought it was about time to check in with a quarterly life update! Honestly, if you’re not here for rambles then you can ignore this post entirely, it’s of no value to anyone!


life update


New year, new part of London

I feel like this year started with an absolute bang. On the fourth of the new year, Adam and I moved sticks to Dulwich for better quality living. We really loved our old apartment in zone 1 but the area wasn’t the cleanest and we were outgrowing our home.

We’re really enjoying life in Dulwich village, it’s still only a 15 minute train from central but it’s so much greener out here. Life feels a lot simpler here, our house is massive so all our fur babies are happy and so are we. A big problem when you work from home is getting bored of your surroundings but there are so many places for me to sit around the house that I’m constantly inspired. I particularly love reading all my favourite Victorian fiction and being in a Victorian house whilst I read it!


Working hard and hardly working

I’ve been loving work, as per usual. Being a workaholic has it’s perks! These days it’s either one way or the other. I’m either working until midnight (like tonight) or I’m only working until early afternoon, which has been a real blessing. Part of this success is down to creating the most highly efficient approach to working I have ever known. Maybe I’ll talk about it some other time on the blog because it is life-changing for the everyday tasks.


Getting into new things

It has been a year exactly today since I officially took the self-employed plunge and with the anniversary comes a career reflection! I’ve extended my services to blog writing as well as copy and social media production so there’s a new avenue of work and another income. I just can’t sit still for too long! But I also adore writing and find it so easy so why not make money doing it?


Family life

2018 has been so incredibly different to 2017 in terms of our little family. For starters, we uprooted the fur babies so of course the routine changed, but also our priorities have shifted. In 2017, Adam and I were super focused on our careers, which meant a lot of time was focused on us as individuals. I worked weird hours to make a steady foundation for my freelance career and Adam tried to find more ways to make his free time count more. Now that we’re both happy in a work/play routine and work is good, we’re having a ball! There’s a lot less stress around work and we can get back to having fun, investing in a few breaks and doing the stuff we love. I feel like it’s kind of a prime time – we’re young, we’re stable, we’re healthy and enjoying every minute! We’re just trying to save some money, build the kingdom, create a comfortable life but splurge on fun stuff while we can, yada yada, you know the dreams.


All in all, I’m just really trying to let myself be selfish whilst I have few responsibilities. Just trying to have fun, make money, make no commitments and feel as free and as relaxed as possible! It’s all about that no-stress lifestyle!



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