Little Things You’re Taking For Granted

In a fast-paced world, where so many of us are constantly working, it’s easy to forget the little things. I’m trying to take the time to recognise and count my blessings lately and, if you needed help doing the same, here it is. These are the little things you’re taking for granted. Let them motivate you to savour the following little things…

little things

Waking up in a cosy bed

If you’re reading this, you have internet access and a smart device, so I’ll assume you also have a bed. This one is the most easy to start your day with. When you wake up, savour the fact that you’re sleeping in what could be the most comfortable bed in history. It’s a fact that when the alarm goes off and you have to get up to get on with your day, your bed is the comfiest it’s ever been. Squish into those pillows, stretch your back and just enjoy a small lie in for a moment. Waking up somewhere safe and warm and cosy is a privilege we all take for granted.


Hot drinks and hot water

You have running water. That means you can have cold, clean iced water and comforting cups of tea. You can have steaming hot baths to relax your muscles and warm you to your bones. Appreciate how good a hot shower is. If I don’t take a hot shower in the morning, I’m not truly awake. Sometimes, I swear I could stay in my shower for hours. Every morning, after you’re soothed from a hot shower, and you’re curled up with your first cup of tea of the day, just take a moment to be present and appreciate these little things that we take for granted.



If you’re reading this, then you have access to the best food. You are free to choose what you eat. The freedom exists for you to be healthy or unhealthy which is a choice not everyone has. You can even get the food to come to you. (I eat takeaway every other day of the week!) Put your phone down, turn your TV off and really enjoy food. Learn to cook a new recipe and when you eat it, actually take the time to enjoy the effort you put in. Cook like you mean it, enjoy all the flavours. Think about how the food you eat transforms into energy and actually use it. Being able to eat whatever I want whenever I want is something I take for granted without thinking about every single day.


You are constantly connected

Whether you’re 3 minutes or 300 miles away from your loved ones, you live with the privilege of always being connected. When you think about it, that’s kind of incredible. Take the time to call a family member, text a friend, share something that makes you happy with someone. I’m constantly sharing memes and cute videos with people closest to me and I love the fact that my current Twitter feed always has something that makes me laugh! I regularly call home, since I don’t visit often, and I try to stay in touch with my friends to see what’s new in their lives. I grew up with this connection and I take it for granted every day!


If you’re one thing this week, let it be grateful. However big the everyday stresses and problems are, remember that you’re still, as far as the bigger picture goes, in a very privileged and comfortable life. Take note of the little things.


Image by Brigitte Tohm


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