London, Brighton and Crazy Cat Lady


Hello lovelies,

I have been gone and Hannah’s Happy has been offline due to technical difficulties I don’t understand so welcome back! I have been doing a bit of travelling, most of it unexpected! I visited home base for a while to help my parents move house but then the chain of people involved broke which meant that people weren’t ready for the move so it actually didn’t happen and then I travelled back home to London for a few days.

Then, I travelled to Brighton for a few days with my boyfriend and his family and we had a lovely time. Brighton is such a beautiful place and being able to see the sea wherever you are is such a calming experience. We stayed in The Neo hotel, close to the sea and walking along the shops there and the lanes for cake and tea was all so lovely. I’ve always said that I would love to live by the seaside one day and the apartments in Brighton and Hove are pretty sweet- even if they are basically London prices. I don’t know about the seagulls though, we didn’t really get on. I have seagulls in my hometown but never as loud and as much as in Brighton. Not much sleep was had with the window open. My boyfriend and I worked out a compromise: we are still going to get a place in London because that’s where our life is- BUT we have to mini break by the seaside whenever I claim to need it. So there’s always that agreement!

I got back from Brighton and within the hour, my phone was back to ringing already- but good news! I got a call to say I got the job I wanted!! Just a day or two in Wimbledon before everything settles down into a regular pace with that so I am looking forward to earning more money and being really good at my job again.

And then, on the second day of being back at home, I got a call from my mother to say…my cat was missing. They had moved on the Thursday and had accidentally let Tigger out on the Monday and then when he had not returned for 24 hours they called me and I rushed back home on the Wednesday- fortunately right before the tube strike started. I have been staying here for a week now, Tigger was found at the old house thankfully and we brought him home where he has been in confinement with his brother for another week and is due to be released properly in a few days time. I will then stay for a few days after that to ensure everything is cool and then go back to London.

I am not sure what the neighbours were expecting of this new family to move into the neighbourhood but I am sure that by now I have adequately portrayed myself as a bit of a twat. I have been walking my cats on a lead around the garden and…wait for it- I have thrown their litter around the garden too. Like a mental person. It IS for a good cause- we need to scent the garden! Doesn’t make me any less a crazy cat lady mind you.

I post this from McDonalds as the new house has no wifi. Anyway, in a few days time, I should be home safe and sound and back to, dare I say it, normal. (Don’t jinx it).

So that explains that for you, hopefully!
Back to normal.
Hannah x


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