London Zoo


Hello lovelies,

I finally visited London Zoo! My boyfriend had been wanting to go as well for quite a while now so I booked tickets for his birthday weekend and it was just as fun as we thought it would be!

We turned up around three in the afternoon but that still left us adequate time to run around and see everything. I took a lot of photo’s because- as most of you know, I snapchat most of my days. I like how snapchat can be used as a media platform on which to document life without the commitment of your things being there forever. I try to mini vlog over on my snapchat every single day so if you don’t have me already and want to see more of me you can find me at: happyhannahlou.

Excuse the low quality of the photographs. I had hoped to be using my new iPhone camera to try out the live photo which would have been fun and better quality but unfortunately it did not arrive so this had to do!












The monkeys were one of our favourite things. We stayed around the monkeys for a long time because there were so many different kinds of monkeys and they were the most rewarding of the animals to watch. There were no lions when we went and the tigers hid in a corner together, the butterfly bit was as good as the exhibition by the Natural History Museum and the gorillas and aquarium were also fun but the baby monkeys had to be our favourite. The lemurs were second best because you could walk with them and interact with them and they were so close to us, as you can see in the video, it was really exciting.

Adam took a time lapse which can also be found online by clicking: here

Hannah x


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