Lounge Updates in Our Victorian Home

It has been a hot minute since I have shared any home updates with you! Rest assured work is happening behind the scenes and I am still thoroughly enjoying making this wonderful house a home!


living room interiors



What we wanted from a living room

The living room is a particularly important room in the house. It’s the place you can more or less guarantee I’ll be in of an evening, every evening. The lounge is where I sometimes work but mostly where I lounge, where I read and rejuvenate after a long day.

Our furniture is very classic looking, in keeping with the Victorian shell. Our sofa is very deep blue and the built in shelves and coffee table are black so I really wanted to lift the mood in the room. We were going for fresh, light and open and inviting. We wanted a tranquil space that feels spa-like.




Adding dimension with prints 

The room hasn’t had a focal point to it. Adam and I are big fans of art and prints but it’s taken us a while to know what to do with the dado rails in each room. By the time I finally began shopping for prints, I knew exactly what I wanted for us! I picked a simple monochrome but intimate print of a doodle of a man and woman for the largest piece above the sofa. (It’s important to always hang at eye level, as I mentioned in my home decor tips post here).

I then added some greenery to the back wall where there was none before with a bamboo print with nice fresh green leaves and a bright gold frame. I then finished the whole set off with something that pops – a gold sun mirror! We applied these to the wall with non-damage Go Command strips and arranged them in the way that made most sense to us. We LOVE the results!


living room corner


Staying soft and in keeping with cushions

The cushion covers from our old apartment were very geometric which matched back then but not so much in this older property. I stuck with the theme of uplifting the room with light and bright but fairly natural and neutral colours. I picked out a white, a soft velvet light green and a beautiful palm style print. They balance each other out, they carry on the theme and they’re super comfy! I definitely think it’s important to lighten the blue of the sofa colour so I took a risk and it worked out!


lounge interior


Opening up with a mirror

Mirrors are SO important and I had quite a few different designs in mind. Our original budget was around £300 but eventually I realised that the mirrors I was looking at were probably a bit too distracting and too much of a statement. It’s also important to note that our house is much larger than before and this wall is long, requiring a wider mirror than the round ones I was looking at.

We settled on this simple one and have hung them using the Victorian dado rail and special hooks with invisible wire and a second hook that are adjustable. If you live in a Victorian property and are having problems with walls that aren’t straight, I recommend making use of the dado rails and adjustable hooks!


living room interior plants


Plants and more plants!

Of course, every space needs greenery. In our lounge, we currently have a palm stacked on top of books in the corner and a love heart shaped trailing plants winding down the bookcase. On the other side of the room we have another heart shaped plant on the shelves, a faux ivy trail to balance it and a beautiful Peace Lily underneath it.


We’re really happy with this room now and it definitely feels finished! I’d love to get an antique gold bar cart for the other corner of the room but it can wait!


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