Lounge Updates

Hello lovelies! As mentioned in my previous blog post, I recently used my first month’s freelance salary to buy a new sofa so I thought I’d share with you my lounge updates.

We moved into our part-furnished apartment a year ago. Whilst we had hopes to replace all of our landlord’s furniture with our own, we just got too busy and forgot. We have desks and a cabinet and desk chairs and clothes rails and a bed but had failed at the most important piece: the sofa. I spent a while browsing online to work out what it was I wanted and settled on this beautiful retro, practical sofa!

I knew I needed to get a sofa bed specifically because we currently don’t have a spare room for people to stay in. I also knew I wanted something longer than our previous one but less bulky. It also had to be light coloured so as to not show any cat hair that finds its way to the sofa! This was a perfect fit to open up the space, look good and be functional! I would definitely recommend the Made Chou Sofa Bed to anyone who’s looking for something cheap but of decent quality.

I thought I would get frustrated both working the day and spending most evenings at home but I’m relieved to realise I feel otherwise. Instead, I see the space in all it’s potential, plan changes and recognise the need for functionality. ThereĀ have been talks of moving to a bigger house if the right one were to arise. We love this apartment, the fact that it’s brand new, the zone 1 border location, it’s high security and ease of transport…but we’d take more space if we could find it with all of the above as well! It might be time to think about saving some money away for a deposit and furniture fund just in case!



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