‘LOVE’ by Alexandr Milov ; Your Inner Child

"Love" by Alexandr Milov

“Love” by Alexandr Milov; Wayne Stadler ; Flickr

Hello lovelies,

This piece of art by Ukrainian artist Alexandr Milov, recently came to my attention and the concept behind it is truly beautiful and I thought it would make for a good discussion.

As you have probably already interpreted, there are metal cages sculpted into the human form. These figures are back to back, in a scene of conflict with one another. The bodily positions of both, rather foetal, curled up into a ball for protection, suggest feelings of vulnerability, anger and upset.

Within the metal cages are childlike figures, reaching through the backs of their adult cages, to touch one another and face each other.

This represents the inner child within every adult. Despite the outer case which demonstrates conflict and separation, the inner children still want to face each other and reach out to each other.

This piece just really made me think about how, as adults, we let pride and other things get in the way of what we really want. Sometimes we block another person out from our lives or ignore them and aren’t honest with them even when what we really want to do, deep within us, is accept and act upon the urge to reach out to that person, say more to that person.

The fact that both inner children feel the same way might be symbolic that it is a mutual feeling within both people that they want to reconnect and yet their pride etc is holding them back.

I think this piece of art is really important in regards to the union of human beings and the nature of how we behave in disagreements and difficult times.

Just wanted to share this with you, it’s just something to think about.

Can you, too, relate to a time in which you turned your back on another person, despite an inner will within you that wanted to try to reconnect with them?

Hannah x


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