Love walk Cafe ; Breakfast Dates in Camberwell

Since Adam and I moved, we have been discovering new favourite places that are more local to us now and since we found somewhere that we love, that we have visited on a few occasions now, I thought I would make a short little appreciation post for Lovewalk Cafe.

Lovewalk cafe Camberwell¬†Lovewak Cafe has a definite hipster vibe to it from the moment you reach it, with its colourful little tables and chairs outside to the interior, both upstairs and downstairs. You will be confronted with the till point first and a beautiful selection of cakes whilst fruit baskets line the windows to show what’s on offer for delicious juices and smoothies.

Lovewalk cafe Camberwell

There are doors that separate the dining area from the kitchen, as pictured above to the right. The tables are wood and rustic, there are pieces of art that fill the walls. The windows at the front of the cafe are also decorated with dancing figures while the cover at the front commemorates the poet and writer, Robert Branning, a man who wished for the romance of Camberwell to be noted.

Lovewalk cafe Camberwell

Love walk Cafe offer typical breakfasts such as the one pictured above: pancakes with powdered sugar, strawberries, scrambled egg, bacon and syrup. We thought the place was very much like The Breakfast Club but without the queue and more affordable. Adam really enjoyed his American Breakfast but the vegetarian alternatives are just as tasty…

Lovewalk cafe Camberwell

I always order the Veggie Works because it is absolutely delicious every time, featuring, sourdough toast, a fried egg, hashbrown, spinach, halloumi cheese, tomato, mushroom and baked beans. Plenty of protein with a little bit of superfood! Again, it is really tasty, really filling and cheap! I can’t remember which juice exactly is pictured above but I can assure you that all are delicious!

Here’s to new traditions,

H x


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