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Hello lovelies,

I’ve been gone! Because I write my posts in advance and schedule their publication, I can’t actually confirm how long I have been gone for but it has definitely been a couple of weeks.

It probably seems quite strange to flunk at my blog in January, the first month of a new year but I did so well at blogging last year that it wasn’t in my new year resolutions this year and also, I’ve been too lost to really care for blogging lately which is sad but the truth. I actually got a little upset and down on the 4th of January so that just goes to show how long I lasted in the mindset of ‘2016 will be my year!’ I just expected everything to feel new and clean and it just didn’t and I’ve been in a bad headspace of (to be honest) brutally tearing myself apart.

I’m not as productive or as successful or as slim as I’d like to be and I realise that sounds silly because I’m 20 years old and I’m more successful than I dreamed of being when I was younger. I said I’d get A’s at A level, I did, I said I’d live in London, I do, I said I’d write a novel, I have. But equally I have to hurriedly hunt for houses and full time jobs and desperately write another 70,000 word novel in the hopes of ever achieving a writing career as well as all the uni stuff like lectures, seminars, reading, secondary reading and exam revision. This year is going to be a really difficult year, or at least for the first few months, and I just hope everything pays off but at the same time I feel so completely hopeless.

Anyway. This isn’t very ‘hannah’s happy’ is it?

In the last few weeks, aside from reading and working on a uni seminar etc, I’ve been reading more and been out and about. A couple of weeks ago, Adam and I went to dinner for date night at my favourite restaurant in Soho and accidentally stumbled into the four night art exhibition around the city that was Lumiere London.

It was really cool, they basically incorporated the most popular streets and spots of the city into a live art exhibition. There were gardens of floral lights, flying luminescent fish, sweet neon messages, sparkly colour-changing dresses, dancing stick men and even an elephant on the side of a building. This can’t be a ‘what to do in London’ post because it has obviously been taken down now but I thought I would share my pictures with you anyway.

The whole thing was such a good idea and I’m incredibly lucky to have stumbled into it and grateful that I did because it was wonderful and made us forget what a cold winter we seem to be having at the moment.








There will be more posts to come and on the usual Tuesday – Friday schedule.

Upcoming posts: Eeny Meeny book review, Sally Hansen Gel polish review, 1 shade of grey nail polish, Loreal the best red lipstick, the pet tag and maybe the boyfriend tag if I get really stuck for ideas!

Lots of love,

Hannah x


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