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Hello lovelies,

Food. Glorious. Food.

Is The Breakfast Club always on my ‘what to eat in LDN’ posts? Nearly, yes, but as long as they keep changing their menu and forcing me to try new things, I’ll always have new things to talk about!

The other day was both the worst and best day because there was a slight hiccup in my day that was quite significant¬†but then it was the most beautiful sunny day and we were already in central London so Adam and I made the most of it. We enjoyed the hot sunshine in the little square of Covent Garden, we did a spot of shopping, had a really fun mini pub crawl and then we (skipping the queue time because we’re true Londoners) filled our guts with the glorious food at The Breakfast Club.

Anyone I’ve ever known to eat at The Breakfast Club will always recommend the All American breakfast as Adam always asks for and I usually get pancakes and berries or the club sandwich¬†but they have taken it off the menu for some reason? So I was forced to pick something new. I had the breakfast burrito and nachos and stuffed myself stupid and it was so so good!

Maybe this is the inner fat child within me speaking but I often find that on the worst days ever, some of your favourite food, a bit of sunshine and really good company can fix things. You only need a little bit of cash and maybe it doesn’t work for everyone but I’ve always sought comfort in food and I think it’s good to indulge in all your favourite things once in a while when you really need a pick me up!

The Breakfast Club restaurants are clean with great hygiene ratings, the queue- though a positive sign of the popularity of the place, can be avoided if you know of the right times to go, the menu is still wide-ranging despite their speciality being breakfast, it is a great place to go with friends, the staff are always super friendly, the music is usually very upbeat and gives good fun throwbacks, I really do recommend the little bright yellow restaurant to anybody!

Hannah x


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