Lush Catastrophe Cosmetic, Fresh Face Mask


Hello lovelies, I thought it was time I had a rave about a product I am loving this week. As a birthday gift, my friend bought me this incredible face mask from Lush and I can honestly say that it is the best face mask I have tried to date.

It comes in a little black pot which is easy to store (in the fridge to keep it cool). It contains blue chamomile and fresh blueberries- so it smells delicious as well as being quite a soothing and comforting scent. It doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin either as all the ingredients are natural and fresh.

It goes on quite cool because of it being in the fridge which instantly reduces redness. Its smooth but somewhat thick in texture and applies nicely. It says to leave it on for about 10 minutes. Over the course of 10 minutes, it hardens so you do feel your face tightening. It then dries out and sits on your face like another skin before you wash it off.

It is full of anti-oxidants and gently cleanses the skin. For me, it targets my redness and blemishes and leaves my skin silky smooth and smelling amazing! I just can’t fault this face mask- and I need you all to know about it!

Hannah x


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