Lush ‘Dragon’s Egg’ bath ballistic


As a student in student accommodation, baths are special privileges and reserved only for when I am able to visit home so, upon my most recent visit home, I celebrated by spending a small fortune buying bath bombs from Lush. Commence blog posts about the different bath products I tried…

I decided that I wanted a bath ballistic because they are more entertaining than bubble bars because you get to watch them explode and fizz around the bath, dying it different colours!

Dragon’s egg breaks down into a few layers. The white exterior fizzes out the bath while small colour balls separate. The middle of the egg is bright orange- like yolk- and completely dyes the bath! And what’s more: there’s glitter too! It smells like jasmine and lemon- absolutely delicious.

I think it was around £3. A definite recommend!

Hannah x


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