Lush Haul- First Impressions!


Hello lovelies!

The weather is chilly and I’m shivering both inside and out these days which means it is the perfect season for one thing…bath bombs! Baths are great for many reasons, it is a good way to soak your skin in softening oils, warm yourself through to melt away the icicles and they can be very soothing and relaxing.

I have been finding myself turning to baths more and more lately in order to unwind after a long day at work. I warm up my bones which are often frozen from my journey home, and I soak my sore feet as I spend a lot of time on them lately.

The other day, as you may have seen on my Instagram, I received a package of pure heaven and relaxation and I wanted so desperately to delve right in and try everything and indulge myself BUT, alas, I found some self-control from somewhere and have kept the box to talk to you about!

Working from left to right, my LUSH bundle contains:


This smells like musk and lavender. Its definitely a night time scent, neither fresh nor sweet. I am told that it is made with a concoction of sleep inducing scents so I shall let you know how that works for me! (Not that I need much help in passing out these days!)


I have actually had Frozen before so I can say more than a first impression about this one. It is various shades of blue, obviously, and smells like mint and is quite a fresh scent. When you drop this bomb, it fizzes a hundred shades of blue and glitter explodes everywhere and it’s kind of like being a magical mermaid once you’re in it! (It didn’t do much for my boyfriend’s chest hair when he tried it though! Glitter DOES stick! Just a warning!)

Butter bear

Butter bear is sat front and centre, perhaps he is pride of place because I have yet to try this Lush product. He smells softly of musk, vanilla and cocoa butter and yet there is something fresh in there, something delicately floral. I hear he is good for the skin so I will also do a review of this little fella when I try him.

The Comforter

This is one of my absolute favourite of all the Lush bath products. It smells like their infamous scent ‘snow fairy’. It is all things sweet and bubblegum and you just break off a piece, saving the rest for later, and crumble the piece under the running water to create lush bubbles! (Pun not intended!) This really is a girly and comforting bath!

The Experimenter

This is going to sound so lame but I have been wanting this bath bomb for such a long time! It looks so colourful and exciting that I eventually caved in. It smells of all sorts, mostly vanilla. The colours aren’t the only thing exciting about this bath bomb, it glitters too and contains popping candy so I am quite eager to lob this in my next soak to see what happens!

Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment

This was another new try for me. I’ve never bothered with the small stuff that Lush has to offer because when they make the bath bombs so exciting it’s difficult to notice the smaller products. That being said, this smells like all of my favourite lush scents- it basically smells like a sweet shop and I am not too old for that! I bought two and already tried the other one and it basically does as implied- melts. My skin felt super soft afterwards and I was utterly relaxed in the smells but I found that I did need to add some bubble bar to the mix just for some extra fun as this has no bubbles and doesn’t change the water colour. Pair this particular melt with either candy bar or comforter and you will not be disappointed!

Consider me, lucky and lush’d out!

Hannah x


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