Lush: Let The Good Times Roll Cleanser Review


I tried this cleanser when my friend bought it and loved it so much that I bought myself a pot of it today! I couldn’t resist doing a cheeky review of it for you!

First thing is first. This product, as with all other Lush products, smells INCREDIBLE! It’s ingredients include popping corn oil and cinnamon so it smells a lot like fresh cookies! It smells almost good enough to eat (and the sales adviser even confessed that she tried eating it!)

The consistency also reminds me of cookie dough. That’s what makes this cleanser so different to any other that I’ve tried. Doughy in texture, to apply the cleanser you ‘take a pinch’ of the dough and mix it, in the palm of your hand, with a little water. When you have some sort of paste, you simply massage it onto your face in circular motions to remove make up and whatever daily grime is on your face before rinsing it all off with water when you are satisfied.

What I particularly like about this cleanser is that it also acts as a facial scrub, removing dry skin on my face too. This is such a bonus for me because it means that my face receives two crucial treatments with one product in one application.

Lush don’t specify how often to use this but I have normal to dry combination skin and can use it every evening without any problems, as with any other cleanser. (I also really enjoy going to bed smelling like cookies)

I could not rave more about this product, I expect you ALL to go visit a Lush store ASAP to try some!

AND, just as a big bonus: Lush don’t test on animals!




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