Lush Think Pink Bath Ballistic


The spring collection of Lush products have arrived!

Bath ballistics from lush are such a treat and I’m never left disappointed. I picked up this particular bath bomb because it was bright pink and has cute little flowers! (And I don’t need any more reason than that!)

This bath bomb smells delicious- like any other Lush product. Its strongest scent is vanilla but there’s something very floral about it too, it’s very sweet smelling. It crumbles and fizzes immediately in the bath which leaves you sitting in very pink water! (Yay!) The flowers are a little harder than the rest of the bath bomb so they take longer to fizzle out- which means that they dance and float around the bath which is super cute.

What was most surprising was the little confetti hearts that shoot out once the bath bomb has melted into the middle! How sweet is that?

This is such a girly bath bomb and I absolutely love it. I think this one might be my favourite so far!

Hannah x


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