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IMG_1732Hello lovelies,

I have officially finished my second year of university! And I am sure you’ll be glad to see a photo on my blog that isn’t of my workspace! I am equally as relieved to not be sat at a desk all day with revision cards. I still wish anyone else who hasn’t finished yet, good luck! You can do it! Think of everything you can do with your freedom afterwards!

With my freedom, I have been reading books and doing arty things. Lately, I have been increasingly craving the smell of paint and fun sense of being creative. Having not done any painting since GCSE art many years ago, I nipped out on a hunt for cheap paint and other art supplies. I have been on/off working on this aborigine/mandala shell turtle for a few days now. The picture doesn’t show it well but each part of the shell features a different design and pattern. I know it’s far from perfect but it was fun to do anyway. I never said I was an artist.

Anyway, I’m hoping to do a lot more arty things over summer. Four months is a long time to not have any plans to do anything at all.  I have a couple holidays on the horizon and pile of books I’ve had for a few months that I shall read my way through but I still want to put aside time to try my hand at painting. I have a few ideas in mind. For anyone interested, you can get decent but fair priced products from Tiger, the home store.

Creativity is so important. I don’t have too many creative outlets. I’m not particularly musical unless you count power ballads in the shower and the only way I, in any way, express myself artistically is by regularly buying clothes! People don’t really have any time to be creative these days do they? There is certainly something very romantic about people who can sit in a blank room and fill up white canvases with their colourful visions. It’s also pretty incredible when people do it entirely freehand, no pencil sketches or anything.

I can only wish I had those kind of skills. If you’re the kind of person who has acquired the art of painting, you should really use it. Arty people are always the best kind of people.

Also, if you have any tips or tricks, I’d be welcoming of them!

Hannah x





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