Maybelline Colorsensational Lip Pencils


Hello lovelies,

I recently delved back into the world of beauty. You probably noticed my lack of beauty posts but as a strapped-for-cash student I stopped spending money on beauty products or even caring about my appearance but lately I seem to be interested in trying new things again so I figured we’d make the most of it while it lasts!

So I realised (far too late to the party) that I don’t have any lip pencils. Since I often chew my own lips off I barely bother with lip products whatsoever but I really do think lipstick finishes off any look and immediately makes it look like you’ve made an effort so I decided to try my hand at lip pencils. I’ve started simple and cheap with drugstore brand Maybelline and I ordered these online so I had no idea how true the colours were to the website samples.


Okay, first thing is first, I like the packaging, its just a pencil and its lid, one thing I will say about these is to not pay attention to the colour of the actual pencil because the outside foil of the pencil doesn’t really resemble the colour of the pencil lead inside. I thought two of these were WAY too dark but they’re actually not so check the lead or do a swatch if you go to a store to buy these.

They seem really durable. I say this because my rimmell pencil liners break ALL the time. I don’t even have to touch them and they snap and when I’m sharpening them the lead just falls right out. These, however, were dropped through my letterbox by the postman and I was like great, that’s game over then but they survived and show no signs of snapping inside so hurray! You can travel with them in your bag without them getting ruined!


The colours themselves are beautiful. I picked up 140 intense pink, 338 midnight plum and 540 hollywood red. They are such stunning colours, just a really pretty palette to choose from so kudos to Maybelline for the beautiful choice of colour. They’re also strongly pigmented. Some lip products require a good couple of coats before being true to their advertised colour but one line of this and you’re sorted which really makes the product go a long way.

So I just draw a cross on my upper lip and then just line the rest normally, then I colour it in and either apply a lipstick of a similar colour on top or just add my 8 hour cream because my lips are just uselessly dry but it gives it a really lovely nourishing shine and makes the lips look plumper.

I think the best thing about these pencils, aside from their quality, beautiful colours and impressively affordable price tag, is the fact that they aren’t drying to the lips. I worried that they would be but I’ve worn these all day and they’re still in good condition when I take the rest off. I wouldn’t say the colour itself lasts all day necessarily- not if you’re eating and drinking through the day, so definitely take them with you but I will say that the outline itself does not move or spread or bleed or anything, it stays put and shapely even after dining and that’s really all a lip liner promises to do so yeah, I’d recommend these. I think if you want staying power then up your budget and go for Mac or Nars but if, like me, you don’t mind touching up after eating then these are really wonderful products to use for every day make up!

Very impressed!

Hannah x


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