Me Time – Autumn Nights of Unwinding

Autumn nights have officially set in. I leave the office and it’s darker and cooler already and head to my cosy warm flat where I snuggle up with blankets and tea for some me time. If I’m lucky.
me time relax

me time relax

me time relax


Lately, things have been a little bit crazy and life is taking over. If you didn’t already know, I am a blogger. For life. My full-time real adult job is an events blogger so I am constantly invited to and visiting venues and cool things. My hobby after office hours is also blogging so I get invited to press events for as well.

Lately, I have been going into work later so as to leave later to go to work events which I blog the next day. I have been whizzing around seeing things and blogging for myself too as well as meeting friends and life is just crazy. There is no me time or down time unless I make it.


Me Time

But autumn is my favourite season and I want to try to slow down and make the most of it. I am forcing myself to schedule in some ‘me time’ to unwind and invest some time in de-stressing myself and doing some fulfilling pastimes. I encourage all of you full-time workers, part-time dreamers to do the same!

Light a candle– my favourites are The White Company Seychelles and the Oliver Bonas owl candle! Make a cup of tea– I am loving peppermint tea and earl grey at the moment, both black to cut down dairy, aka fat. Grab a soft comforting blanket and bundle yourself up. Play some soothing acoustic music. Take a hot bath with autumnal scented products. Do what fulfils you, be it writing, reading, giving yourself a manicure, cuddling your pets, watching a film or cooking a meal.

Look after yourself on these autumn nights. Always schedule some me time.

H x


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