Spring & Couples Homeware Haul

homeware haul next cushions alphabet decor

Hello lovelies!

As you are more than aware by now, time is ticking down more quickly than I could ever have prepared for and in three months time I will be moving out into a new place with Adam. We do have places in mind, some are expected to still be on the market, others are just ideas to take inspiration from and find similar properties when the time is right, but either way, Adam and I are getting increasingly more excited with each and every day!

Some days, we can get a little bit glum living in our current student house. Many a disaster has occurred here and we are more than ready to be done with this place and on these days we refer back to each other, our want feeds- where you can find us here and here, and slowly buy bits and pieces that we can find room for now so it kind of feels as though we’re already contributing to the moving effort instead of just waiting for May!

So, with a few updates of home decor pieces for the new place, here is what we’ve gathered that’s new.


homeware haul next cushions alphabet decor

Citrus Bedsheets

With kittens stabbing their claws through everything I owned, I decided to throw out my cheap bedding and invest in some new sets…and boy was this an investment! I spent more money than I’d like to admit to but I had a discount code from made.com which helped. I wanted something clean and sharp, to cooperate with the minimalist style of everything else we have but something bright and fresh and lively. These grey, white and yellow sheets are gorgeous, silky and soft and good quality and the yellow is just enough of a pop of colour to make me feel all kinds of happy!



Couples cushions

Purchased for valentines day, I ticked off one of our wants the other day with these smart monochrome cushions from Next. Other than the matching office chairs, these cushions are such a couple purchase for House Hadam and I am in love with them. We currently have them set up on the bed, our letters on their designated sides of the bed and the ‘&’ obviously set up in the middle. Once we move, I think they’ll live on our sofa in the living room. As we are aware that we won’t have any furniture for the lounge for a while, it was a good idea to just invest in something for the lounge- it’s not much but it’s a sure start!



Office Chair

I was browsing made.com a couple months ago and was sent a discount code so it was the perfect time- especially given a bad back from hunching over my desk, to find the perfect office chair. I found this Manza one fairly quickly and knew it was what I’d been looking for. It was expensive but reasonably less expensive than it would have been so I ordered it. Then, when it arrived, Adam loved it so he ordered one too! We haven’t picked desks yet and probably won’t for a long time but we are loving these comfy office chairs! You might also notice that I have carried over the citrus theme to the desk with the citrus cushion, also from Made.


Cosy Cushion

The bedsheets seemed a little out of place in the bedroom where everything is wood or copper or black or white and so I needed something to carry the citrus design over into the rest of the room. I bought this cushion to match the sheets and have it currently on the back of my office chair. This cushion is huge and squishy and so satisfying and comfortable. I never saw myself being a yellow kind of person but black, white and grey, although stylish, can be boring so I am choosing yellow as the holy colour pop in our flat! It definitely has happy properties!


Art pieces

I am looking for some art pieces for our flat- especially the perfect one for me. Adam has a giant Johnny Cash poster that is set to live above his desk and I’m still looking for the perfect one for mine. But I did find a piece that suits Adam to a ‘T’ (the London print) and I made the tea print myself to go in our bedroom. I’ll probably buy a canvas and make this design a whole lot bigger when we move but this is a general idea of what I want above the bed. So far, we have the Johnny Cash piece, the London piece and the homemade tea piece.


So, whether you are looking to update your flat to match the season or you’re just a bit nosey, I hope these bright and sharp spring pieces were interesting to you!

Counting down the days!

Hannah x


Bedding from Made

Citrus cushion from Made

Manza office chair from Made (no longer available)

Alphabet cushions from Next

Tea print home made

London print from The Motivated Type


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