Mini New Look Haul! (Bargain buys on a budget!)

NL haul otherHey guys!

I had a little mishap last week where I accidentally managed to bugger up my laundry and dye my favourite white and light tees blue! This only meant one thing: emergency New Look recovery!

This can also act as a wardrobe revamp ‘on a budget’ time post because I bought all of these items with my student budget in mind so EVERYTHING you see in this post is…wait for it… under £10! (Bargain right?!)

Okay so I first looked for white tees and spotted this gorgeous Mickey and Minnie mouse tee! This might even be better than the tee I ruined so it obviously went in my basket!

Secondly, I’ve wanted a really oversized sport style tee for a really long time now so when I spotted this for under a tenner I decided to go ahead and buy it!

The third tee shirt I bought was this black one which I’d noticed before in a New Look store but didn’t pick up. I really like the flower pattern on the front and thought it would look nice over a pair of leggings with a scarf, layered up for Autumn!

The final, and perhaps the best, item of clothing I picked up from New Look was this grey sweater. The first thing I liked about it was its style and shape with the soft loose fit. The second thing I noticed was its bubble quilt pattern which makes it quite a nice sweater which could be dressed down, up or layered during Autumn and Winter. This is my favourite and, by some beautiful miracle, was only £6!!

So there you have it, my mini shopping haul. I love updating you guys on my buying habits but hopefully will be able to keep my money in my pocket for a while now!


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