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Over the last few years, I have become increasingly more and more inclined to a minimalist standard of living. I think in my first year of university it was out of convenience because I wanted as few moving boxes as possible to shift into my new flat. I’ve lived in this flat now for two years and even though I didn’t move here with a lot of stuff, I have had two more big clear outs since then!

A clear out at the beginning of October saw me fill SEVEN INDUSTRIAL BIN BAGS full to the brim of my belongings! I got rid of a lot of things that I hadn’t used or wanted or had somehow accumulated and I gave a lot of my home decor, clothes and bags and books etc to a local charity shop. Seven full bin bags is an awful lot of stuff to remove from one person’s bedroom so I didn’t think that I had anything left to be rid of.

Upon a spontaneous decision that material items don’t make me happy but, instead, make me feel cluttered and anxious, I attempted to re-blitz my bedroom. This time I got rid of three more bin bags worth of stuff. I binned things I didn’t use any more, the majority of my make up collection that had gone unused for over a few months, some empty broken photo frames and ornaments and two whole bags of more clothes.

I am not very sentimental about things at all; things don’t make me happy, things don’t hold any significance to me, I just want a clean and open space to live in that doesn’t trap me in material things. I want the minimum and to stop spending my money on meaningless capitalism. I don’t want to go overboard, I shouldn’t fuel my wants, I should live within my means and with what I need. A clear and tidy space encourages a clear and tidy mind.

My belongings now consist of:

My everyday make up and skincare products, a few candles, ornaments like my two buddhas and wooden decor, my cacti collection, my book collection (textbooks and fiction), my bedsheets, rugs, coffee machine and stationary and then a box of tester products I have been sent to review.

In my wardrobe, I have: my underwear, four coats, some jackets, a few cardigans, some jumpers, a collection of tee shirts, cami tops, crop tops, a few dresses, a few skirts and then some going out shoes, two pairs of boots and a few pairs of flats and four handbags.

I know that there’ll still be some people that criticise even that extent of belonging but fashion, for me, is a hobby of mine. I tend to buy a few pieces from a few seasonal trends every year. I was going for a system whereby if I wanted to buy something new for my wardrobe I would have to donate a piece to charity for equilibrium. That being said, what I actually did was buy two things in the last month and donated two whole bin bags to charity so that worked out okay!

I’m really pleased with my efforts and even though I think that I have gotten rid of all there is to be rid of, the truth is that I shall probably do it all over again in January and definitely in May before I move into my new place so I shall be even more minimalist.

Right now I can move into my new place with four boxes and two bin bags of clothes so I am super happy with that. My new place is going to be very natural and open and so my clothes and accessories fit in the oak wardrobes we’ve got, my books will fit on the ladder shelves and everything else is home decor and daily cosmetics.

I am already happier and feel lighter for getting rid of my belongings. Its a really weird feeling and sensation to describe without you just going and doing the same. I feel less burdened and more free and I feel more moral as well. When I buy something now I want to pose the question: do I need this or do I want it? Is this necessary? Am I going to use it every day? I don’t want to needlessly support capitalism or clutter up my apartment with material mess. It is just easier to have less. My house savings will also thank me for it. There is no doubt about it, having less money means you buy less things and so saving should cut down what I purchase anyway but I want to reach a stage where minimalism is effortless for me. It has been fairly easy for me to cut ties and throw away a lot of my things but I want to get to a stage where I am effortlessly minimalist subconsciously and have my wants and desires not completely rule me.

I just think this is the way forward!

Hannah x


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