Monthly Favourites; August


Hello lovelies!

I used to do monthly favourites as the name suggests; monthly! However, I haven’t been doing them at all lately but I really enjoy reading everybody else’s because I’m nosey so I thought that I would bring them back. It’s also a really good way to mini-review everything!

I also realise that it is a little late for this post; basically I wrote it ages ago but needed a camera charger in order to take a picture for it and my charger only recently arrived in the post so this was as soon as I could do it. Without further ado, my favourite things this August included:

  • My Elle shades. I picked these up in TK Maxx and I really love them, especially the cut out floral bits on the side because I just think they’re really pretty and have protected my eyes from the glare of the sun this summer.
  • My accessorize handbag. I’ve been looking for a bag that isn’t black and huge and found this cute little number at the beginning of the month. My laptop also fits in here without it looking like an obvious laptop bag which is a bonus!
  • Levi shorts. Everyone needs a pair in the summer, obviously.
  • Pink kimono. I bought this for the day time part of my uni’s summer ball celebration but I have been loving it since; it is gorgeous. (New Look, if you’re interested)
  • Ed Sheeran – X. I have been listening to this album all month, I love it!
  • Gossip Girl. I have been watching this series religiously (for the first time) because it was on Netflix and I am addicted! (No spoilers, please)

There you have it! What have you been loving this month?

Hannah x


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