Moving House and Creating a Wellbeing Space

Whilst most people were partying or relaxing this new year, we were moving house! I thought I would catch you guys up, share some tips and update you on why we moved, our moving tips and the first room I prioritised!


moving house and creating wellbeing space


On moving house

When Adam and I were leaving university, we had just a few months to find a new place to live if we wanted to stay in London. Though many grads go back home and find their feet, we knew that it would be near impossible come back if we subjected ourselves to going back to the West Midlands where we’re both from. To live in London again, we would have to interview at London jobs and then work there and then organise viewings before moving house across the country. The travelling alone would be near impossible! We found number 7 C***** Grove amidst just a few other viewings and fell in love immediately. We made the call just minutes after the viewing to make our offer and the deposit was paid that same night.

Unfortunately, we outgrew our apartment really quickly once we added Sansa to our family and I began to work from home. Our house was crammed to the brim with the furniture we needed and the area, though up and coming, was not coming up quite as fast as we had hoped! Living in just two rooms all day was really claustrophobic and I felt like I had no space, let alone somewhere quiet to get some headspace! We knew we were on the lookout for something else for about 9 months.


What we wanted

I think it’s very important to communicate as clearly as possible to estate agents when you’re moving house. Be as specific as you feel you need to be. I requested a minimum of 2 bedrooms, a separate kitchen to the lounge, period features but modern renovations and lots and lots of space in a nice area. Then, I told the estate agents the budget and they laughed. Adam and I were told two things by two different estate agents when moving house. The first, being that we should raise the budget for viewings but lower our offer, which we thought was too risky. The second was to always have five pieces of criteria in mind and to take a house that offers three of those five.

But I always get what I want! I took matters into my own hands, ignoring all the crappy suggestions from the estate agents and found the perfect house in the perfect place. How was it the perfect price? Well, let’s just say that I definitely recommend moving house over the Christmas period! No one else is crazy enough to move and mountains tend to move for you!


On creating a wellbeing space

We moved from a modern one bedroom apartment just three years old to a recently renovated two bedroom, two lounge Victorian house split on three floors! It was quite the change and we’ve not bought any new furniture yet but there was one room in particular that I focused on getting finished first. Surprisingly, it wasn’t the office! The bathroom boasts a separate shower and stand alone roll top bath in stunning royal blue with gold feet. I was in love immediately. We bought huge soft fluffy towels to match and a bath tray to place books, candles and relaxing products. Everything else is white, neutral and calming. It’s a space where I don’t even glance at emails! I light a candle, enjoy a hot soak and try to get through my TBR list.


General moving tips

  • Don’t settle for less than what you want. You’ll only end up moving again!
  • Always try to find someone to help you be objective. There are many houses I convinced myself would work even though there were hundreds of impracticalities. No matter the wait, it’s going to be worth it when you find what you really want.
  • Always take the area into consideration! Does it have an easy commute? Is it safe? Are there lots of greenery or bars or activities, depending on what makes you happy?
  • Check the broadband speeds. I work from home and am relieved to finally have the fastest internet available in the UK – even in this old house!
  • Label everything but only so you understand it! This is specific enough that you know where to put things but vague enough to prevent theft if you’re using a removal company.
  • Try to condense the chaos and boxes into one room so that you don’t have to be around them. Tranquility and tidiness is good!
  • Spend time getting to know the house and the space before committing to the new furniture additions. I’ve changed my mind multiple times but am finally ready to stick to my decisions!
  • Enjoy it because it’s an amazing feeling and a great accomplishment!

How do you stay sane during a move? Which room do you prioritise?


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