Must have manicure kit!

P1010429Let’s admit it: we’ve all tried desperately to grow our nails to some desired length. And let’s also admit that we don’t always spend the right amount of time to care for our nails!

No matter what time of year, I always seem to be busy doing something whether its going out, working or even cleaning the house. When I am busy I often forget to take it easy on my poor nails. They are continuously used as tools to open things like cans or I am ridiculously heavy handed, knocking my hands on everything and chipping off nails all over the place.


Recently I decided enough is enough and invested both my money into some new nail care products and my time into caring for my nails. I bought the basics: a small set of nail clippers, a nail file, a cuticle pusher, a four stage buffing block and cuticle balm.

Although it is not compulsory for you to buy, I also purchased one of the Sally Hansen nail polishes: the ‘Age Correct Strength’ polish for dry and brittle nails. This is because I have super thin, weak and brittle nails which tend to split into layers and flake off.

Every three days I try to sit down and give my nails some TLC. My typical routine is:

  • Remove any nail polish and ensure nails are clean
  • File the nails into the shape I want
  • Use the buffing block to file, remove ridges, buff and shine up
  • Smooth the cuticle balm across my cuticles, massaging in as I go
  • Take the cuticle pusher and push cuticles off the nail bed, smoothing the pusher all the way round the nail and then under it
  • Polish off any dust that might be on the nail bed
  • Apply the Sally Hansen strengthening polish and leave to dry

I have found my nails to be a LOT stronger than what they were and the nail polish acts as a great protective layer for my nails as I continue my day to day tasks.

I highly recommend you ladies take an hour out soon and give yourself a manicure! Your nails will thank you for it!

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