Must-have winter miracles!


It’s that time of the year again where we all need to start thinking about how we can protect and replenish our skin from the cold bitter weather of winter.

A couple of weeks ago I made an order with Boots of my top winter must-haves!

Soap & Glory: Beauty Sleep Accelerator Night & Flight Moisture Miracle

This is glorious. It smells delicious- like apricot yoghurt and you simply smooth it over a clean face at night and let it work its magic! Never has my skin been so moisturised and fresh looking! I have been using this for two weeks nearly every night and it looks barely touched in quantity so a little goes a long way, for £13 this is a bargain!

Burt’s Bees: Honey Lip Balm

This stuff is fabulous. The texture is very waxy which moisturises your lips without being so sticky that your hair sticks to it (which is always a pet hate of any lip balm or gloss). It is easy to apply and keeps chapped sore lips at bay.

Vaseline Lip Therapy: Rosy Lips

Vaseline is just one of those products that doesn’t even need to be said. It is a must-have in its very nature. This year, having already tried the original balm and the cocoa butter balm, I decided to try ‘rosy lips’ for a touch of pink when seeing to my lips- you can’t go wrong with pink!

Rimmel London: BB Cream 9 in 1

With my skin drying out, I am more and more careful with what I put on my skin and less and less inclined to wear foundation. BB cream is better suited than foundation for winter skin because it doesn’t cling to dry patches and is much more moisturising. Any BB cream would do the trick but I love the benefits of this particular one and its currently my staple skin product!

Be sure to take care of your skin this winter!

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